LaMelo's CRAFTY Underhand Pass! | #shorts

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14 天 前

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Turn Chiraq to Chicago
Turn Chiraq to Chicago 8 天 前
Man that announcer is lit af
Mwj愿希 9 天 前
NYE VII 10 天 前
That pass is definitely underrated, like who passes the ball like that full court 😭
Jon C.
Jon C. 11 天 前
Quarterback talent ruined by basketball career
EingeL 12 天 前
Charle Last
Charle Last 12 天 前
Welcommmeeee backkk lamelooooo!!!!
John Liles
John Liles 12 天 前
Incredible pass.
Sam Yu
Sam Yu 12 天 前
what a pass !this is a lbj and magic type pass better than kid and nash
Peaky Meowees givia
Peaky Meowees givia 12 天 前
Universal Chat
Universal Chat 12 天 前
If Messi and Ronaldo had a baby
All Time Vanz
All Time Vanz 12 天 前
modern day Pistol Pete maravich
ikamak 13 天 前
He stole that pass from Pistol Pete's highlights...
soldier 2009
soldier 2009 13 天 前
Lavar Ball rubbing his hands like Birdman
Troyskymask 212
Troyskymask 212 13 天 前
Thats my typa pass I did that in middle school I just wish I had the cameras on
YvngGoat 13 天 前
If he played for Gregg Popovich he’d get benched doing that
lphjustin 13 天 前
Look at LaMelo man, so inspirational
Jon Jones
Jon Jones 13 天 前
NBA 🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿
Call me
Call me 13 天 前
10 first comments about the announcers
erica2002us 13 天 前
I love me some Melo Ball!!!!
The Rebounder
The Rebounder 13 天 前
Hornets announcer still GOATED
Kojiro's 7th
Kojiro's 7th 13 天 前
Why do they keep putting videos in portrait view. This is not it.
Mr. Donut
Mr. Donut 12 天 前
Here’s one in landscape:
Kids On Drugs
Kids On Drugs 13 天 前
Commentators make the games 10x better
Darth Dulla
Darth Dulla 13 天 前
Welcome back young blood
Mia Lopez
Mia Lopez 13 天 前
The Hornets announcers never disappoint
Wave_ham12 13 天 前
He’s back? Hol
Marzel Allison
Marzel Allison 13 天 前
He is the FUTURE
Roland Barai
Roland Barai 13 天 前
Because he rerurned he will be the top 1 roty tomorrow Overrated a**hole
David Lim
David Lim 13 天 前
The real winner is LAVAR BALL. Lamelo validating everything Lavar has said so far. Now if he can get all three of his boys to play together and a chip, the Ball family will be forever GOATed. NEVA LOST!
juju 4PF
juju 4PF 13 天 前
Announcer needs a raise
pitrson '
pitrson ' 13 天 前
Hornets commentators should be there for every game in league
Hai Oaiuy
Hai Oaiuy 13 天 前
A Healthy Snack
A Healthy Snack 13 天 前
@pitrson ' yeah thats a great pint if only
A Healthy Snack
A Healthy Snack 13 天 前
@Kids On Drugs no u
Kids On Drugs
Kids On Drugs 13 天 前
@A Healthy Snack Shut up 😐
pitrson '
pitrson ' 13 天 前
@A Healthy Snack i meant that every commentator should be as hyped as them
Anatolij86 13 天 前
Charlotte commentators, man... What does Jordan feed em?!?
Anatolij86 12 天 前
@Hai Oaiuy Shrimp 🍤! Of course!
Hai Oaiuy
Hai Oaiuy 13 天 前
Kiynx 13 天 前
Nevele Chambers
Nevele Chambers 13 天 前
Pick A Shoe
Pick A Shoe 13 天 前
He needs to get rid of that little beard he has
Blake Kelly
Blake Kelly 13 天 前
If that commentator isn't on 2K22 I'm not buying it
Mot Doai
Mot Doai 13 天 前
YED 13 天 前
Well he won’t be and you know that 😂 It would be dope if they got every single home team announcer to rehearse and say some lines but that won’t be happening anytime soon.
Jann Vincent Regalado
Jann Vincent Regalado 13 天 前
Sorry. It’s Kevin Harlan forever lol
AWM 13 天 前
How many of these passes go for turnovers? Lol asking for a friend 👀
Mot Doai
Mot Doai 13 天 前
AB Dunks
AB Dunks 13 天 前
Actually, not a lot actually. Only about 3 TO per game with about 6 assists per game on about 30 minutes per game
AB Dunks
AB Dunks 13 天 前
Actually, not a lot actually. Only about 3 TO per game with about 6 assists per game
God’s Daughter
God’s Daughter 13 天 前
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pitrson '
pitrson ' 13 天 前
If you are really that in need sell the device you are using
SLR Route
SLR Route 13 天 前
Bitch I seen this same exact message on IG 3 years ago stfu!
Toronto Raptors
Toronto Raptors 13 天 前
Anthony Molina
Anthony Molina 13 天 前
why is this recorded on a phone
Eguppé 13 天 前
Came buck LaMelo
Solo Mon
Solo Mon 13 天 前
The passion in that announcers commentary lol
Pragun Banga
Pragun Banga 13 天 前
chill commentator
Tyler DeMay
Tyler DeMay 13 天 前
Honeyball Delonge
Honeyball Delonge 13 天 前
Pass of the year 🏆🏆
Andrew A
Andrew A 13 天 前
Lebron > mj
AM Dude
AM Dude 13 天 前
623 13 天 前
Joshua Harrison
Joshua Harrison 13 天 前
4J 13 天 前
Oliver Paulino
Oliver Paulino 13 天 前
Stephen Curry
Stephen Curry 13 天 前
*Remember when everyone thought he was a bust?*
Hector Perez Cabanillas
Hector Perez Cabanillas 13 天 前
What a player...
Mot Doai
Mot Doai 13 天 前
Emmanuel Nzidee
Emmanuel Nzidee 13 天 前
These commentators are to much man
Eamon Martin
Eamon Martin 13 天 前
That announcer is the GOAT
Juan Gutierrez
Juan Gutierrez 7 天 前
@Aniekeme Udoko same bro
Juan Gutierrez
Juan Gutierrez 7 天 前
@Xten_Garnica52 bro dead ass lmfaoo
Juan Gutierrez
Juan Gutierrez 7 天 前
@AM Dude seriously bro we need more like him
Juan Gutierrez
Juan Gutierrez 7 天 前
@Mateo Roldan-Raymond your annoying
Juan Gutierrez
Juan Gutierrez 7 天 前
Facts bro
Big Bean
Big Bean 13 天 前
5 veiws on a nba video
Jacoub Sabra
Jacoub Sabra 13 天 前
Yung Millionaire Gangster
Yung Millionaire Gangster 13 天 前
Anthony Edwards and his awful shooting % is punching the air right now😂😂
Get Baited by Murphy of Alfred
Get Baited by Murphy of Alfred 13 天 前
So you're ignoring Lamelos' below average night?
Obvious Troll That Baited You
Obvious Troll That Baited You 13 天 前
Edwards still better
JH Sports
JH Sports 13 天 前
Anyone else think Lamelo will come back and win ROY
Get Baited by Murphy of Alfred
Get Baited by Murphy of Alfred 13 天 前
@Obvious Troll That Baited You finally I actually agree with you. I still own you tho don't get it twisted
Steven Truong
Steven Truong 13 天 前
@BATTZ look at his name bro, you got baited 😂
BATTZ 13 天 前
@Obvious Troll That Baited You wrong
Obvious Troll That Baited You
Obvious Troll That Baited You 13 天 前
Nope ant way better
Shy Nate?
Shy Nate? 13 天 前
First comment 2nd like
Mot Doai
Mot Doai 13 天 前
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