Domantas Sabonis DOES IT ALL In Pacers' Road W!

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14 天 前

Domantas Sabonis GOES OFF for 26 PTS, 19 REB and 14 AST as he propels the Pacers to a FRANCHISE-RECORD 152 PTS!
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Sebastian Lindel
Sebastian Lindel 5 天 前
he actually plays a bit like tim duncan
Homer Martinez
Homer Martinez 11 天 前
1:14 four steps
mayuresh shelar
mayuresh shelar 11 天 前
What a Return 😤
Arvin Miraftab
Arvin Miraftab 11 天 前
baby jokic, cant believe he wasn't selected as an all star
Владимир 11 天 前
Сабонис молодец!
Patriota Funchalense
Patriota Funchalense 12 天 前
Hαקקyツ 12 天 前
N-word Heelflips
N-word Heelflips 12 天 前
Indiana teams are constantly underrated
Kenneth Anderson
Kenneth Anderson 12 天 前
Both the Pacers and The Wizards are the teams to watch out for taking out the Nets i would also consider the Celtics but their defense hasn't been clicking like the previous few years.. I would bet money the Pacers could do it in 5 games 😎🍟🍔💯.. Its all about health of the team come playoffs
Uschi Löw
Uschi Löw 12 天 前
2 weeks ago: Pacers fans want to trade Sabonis because he is the problem for the Pacers struggles this season. Today : no one to be found anywhere near a Pacers channel...
SkinCarver 12 天 前
@Uschi Löw If the Pacers traded him it would piss off most of their fan base.
Uschi Löw
Uschi Löw 12 天 前
@SkinCarver Than you are not in the same youtube channels in which I am.^^ Search for Born Ready Jones, than you will witness a true Sabonis hater. :)
SkinCarver 12 天 前
I've never heard anybody say trade him.
Jay Money
Jay Money 12 天 前
This was his middle finger to OKC for trading him
Mohamed Barre
Mohamed Barre 12 天 前
Why does it look like he’s gonna cry in the thumbnail lol
Luke Sono
Luke Sono 12 天 前
still cant believe he has 42 speed on 2k21.
Blue 12 天 前
2K don't know shit about their own game.
Iggy3 12 天 前
Nice but let's be honest, Thunder looks more like G league team rn
Yabas 12 天 前
1 fg away from the biggest blowout in nba history
Wan'Pum Noon
Wan'Pum Noon 12 天 前
Thats A F@#$n Insane Trip Dub Know His Pops Hella Proud
Kk 23
Kk 23 13 天 前
Bitcoin Ethereum
Bitcoin Ethereum 13 天 前
Domantas is slept on so much.
Rimas Saulys
Rimas Saulys 13 天 前
At 1:48 Very Nyce Team Play Moment !!!
Blackscorpio 13 天 前
And the beast is back.
EightyEight 13 天 前
Domantas Sabonis Tonight: 26 Points, 19 Rebounds, 14 Assists, 1 Steal. 76.9 FG%, 66.7 3P%, 66.7 FT% Holy... 😤
Pat Rick
Pat Rick 11 天 前
In 30 Minutes. Third Player with triple double in first half
Ian Suh
Ian Suh 13 天 前
Efkius 13 天 前
Get him oit from Pacers
Lav Oo
Lav Oo 6 天 前
I think u can trade for him he has value. Or mavs should play him as a pure shooter.
Lav Oo
Lav Oo 12 天 前
To Mavs him he would help Luka a lot with walls and dive 2 on 2
It’s Karen Bitch
It’s Karen Bitch 13 天 前
King James seen something in him! That’s why he picked him in all star game 2 in a row.
Liutauras Kasperavicius
Liutauras Kasperavicius 12 天 前
@SwarLord T I mean he picked him over Rudy
SwarLord T
SwarLord T 12 天 前
or just because he had to,cuz he was the last one left
Exenzo 13 天 前
LeBron should have picked him and not Andre Drummond
Luka Donchick
Luka Donchick 13 天 前
Luka Doncic 31pts 12reb 20ast
Blue 12 天 前
@Ganterz Yo, I'm a Sabonis fan but dude don't talk shit about Luka, he's great. European brothers.
gxn 12 天 前
@Ganterz luv Sabonis but he will never put up 43pt, 17reb and 13ast alone against a team such as the clippers in the playoffs on a sprained ankle. FYI, just like luka did
Ganterz 12 天 前
Sabonis only played 29 minutes and did something that Luka will never do in his career
Jmooks Mooks
Jmooks Mooks 13 天 前
Domantas to Spurs next season. This guy is fit for SA Spurs system.
Chief K
Chief K 6 天 前
He ain't a free agent
Damon Harper
Damon Harper 13 天 前
OKC wasted a great draft pick for Boy George 💋
Blue 12 天 前
And he bailed outta OKC ^^
YvngGoat 13 天 前
3:02 He passes like a point guard 👀
PAQ VAL 11 天 前
Man Jokic, Giannis, Sabonis, Bam are like big men with guard playmaking style
PaulSwen 11 天 前
he won All-star skill challenge this year.. ;)
Arunas Skirius
Arunas Skirius 13 天 前
Domantas passes like his dad
YvngGoat 13 天 前
Sabonis opening a lot of eyes 👀
Exenzo 13 天 前
He been doing that,but he's not recorded on camera apparently
YvngGoat 13 天 前
Against his old team
Bro Bh
Bro Bh 13 天 前
NBA Is awesome to Watch bro
wtf 13 天 前
11th comment
Statham Academy
Statham Academy 13 天 前
All Star out of NOWHERE!
Calvin Brown
Calvin Brown 13 天 前
Joshua Lewis
Joshua Lewis 13 天 前
His whole team should get a top performance video
Seal S
Seal S 12 天 前
I mean the pacers vs thunder highlights is mostly pacers highlights
Joshua Lewis
Joshua Lewis 13 天 前
22, 12, and 12 in the first half
OTDA 13 天 前
There we goooo! After missing 6 games comes out and dominates like it’s just another day
Nick Gurr
Nick Gurr 10 天 前
@P K tai cia tas pats kaip zydas, eik sudegti
P K 11 天 前
@Nick Gurr portugalas
Nick Gurr
Nick Gurr 11 天 前
@P K lenkas gal busi?
P K 11 天 前
@Vincent Kennedy McMahon o kodel as ji tureciau palaikyt ? vien del to kad jis lietuvis ?vien del to kad per fuxa pateko i all star kai kd susizeide ?? :D nba daug krepsininku zymiai geresniu uz ji yra... dominuoti pries outsiderius yra 1 , tikras jo lygis atsiskleis playoffuose , tada ir pamatysim ko jis vertas :)
Vincent Kennedy McMahon
Vincent Kennedy McMahon 12 天 前
@P K Geras palaikimas seni. Tik ne pradek verkti.
mSm Prod.
mSm Prod. 13 天 前
Stephen Curry
Stephen Curry 13 天 前
*Domantas Sabonis Stats:* *26 Points* *10-13 FG, 2-3 3PT-FG, 4-6 FT* *19 Rebounds, 14 Assists, 1 Steal*
Mr Buckets McGee
Mr Buckets McGee 13 天 前
Oshae brissett = Goat
Not_Sweaty 13 天 前
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