Kevin Porter Jr. Becomes YOUNGEST Player to Post 50+ PTS & 10+ AST! 🔥

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16 天 前

KPJ becomes the youngest player in NBA history to record 50+pts and 10+asts in a game
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Devante Benton
Devante Benton 3 天 前
Idgaf what happened in Cleveland. THEY GAVE HIM UP FOR A SECOND ROUNDER😭😭😭😭
don ice
don ice 4 天 前
Stupid question. Is "porter jr." an actual family name or did michael and kevin coincidentally took the father's first names and have porter as their last name?
Joe Parmesan
Joe Parmesan 2 小时 前
'Porter' is the name, while 'Jr.' is the suffix. They share the same name as their fathers
Mike5 4 天 前
Is he related to Michael Porter
Jonathan Isaiah
Jonathan Isaiah 7 天 前
@0:38 the finish was ugly but he pieced that man 😂
Dreeco Finesse3tymes
Dreeco Finesse3tymes 8 天 前
See why they traded for him
Joseph Paña
Joseph Paña 9 天 前
No wonder why Wall loves this kid, dude even said this kid has a great potential.
Melinda McKenzie
Melinda McKenzie 10 天 前
Bro who is this kid I did not know him until this season, like what the heck bro, I never new who this dude was, that is crazy
High-grades. com
High-grades. com 11 天 前
Dam nephew......make dem nicca's put sum respeck on your name!!! Official sh#t, KPJ the "Hit-Man". We going make the world feel them young "animal's" in "Z00-ston" ya dig! HTown stand up! While we lay the rest down!!!! My name is Uncle Pimping Pooty and I approve this message. Pimp out. #A14rmDa1
A B 11 天 前
0:34 clean
Mason Lawlor
Mason Lawlor 11 天 前
Thanks Cavs for getting rid of this guy. Just a horrible organization
Vincent Blanton
Vincent Blanton 11 天 前
He has the ability to be a real good player.... he needs to play with the elite players in the off season.
Vincent Blanton
Vincent Blanton 11 天 前
@Memeloid man he will be cold... but in order to get there he has to take basket ball serious....he’s already close to John wall talent wise.
Memeloid 11 天 前
he needs to work with harden this offseason
Ifebunandu Nicholas
Ifebunandu Nicholas 11 天 前
Iono bout y'all...but I saw James Harden in this kid's game..he's the next face of the Rockets
Chris San Nicolas
Chris San Nicolas 11 天 前
His not consistent with every game. Rocket gonna have a new star if he keep it up
Miguel Monteroso
Miguel Monteroso 11 天 前
I will never shut up about how he got traded for a 2nd round pick God Altman was an idiot he could've gotten more
Renjolo Bagunu
Renjolo Bagunu 11 天 前
He can improve more
Team Dach
Team Dach 12 天 前
Hats off most man 👏🏀🔥💯. Well done done 👌🏀🔥💯.
Kujichagulia Self-Determination
Kujichagulia Self-Determination 12 天 前
I bet you Cleveland wished they would have let him keep his locker now!
Brown Iverson
Brown Iverson 12 天 前
They said it was a Houston record glad it’s nba record
John Kaasheuvel
John Kaasheuvel 12 天 前
Future mvp candidate!!!
A Ramos
A Ramos 13 天 前
He found harden's secret weapon
Alexander Shabazz I
Alexander Shabazz I 13 天 前
My goodness.. always knew KPJ was deadly, but damn.. lol. This reminds me of when Bron completely cooked Bucks for a similar game. This was a top notch 50.
Nicholas Gonzalez
Nicholas Gonzalez 13 天 前
This manz was a beast even for the cavaliers there has to be something wrong with him behind the scenes for them to just have gave him up for nothing
pierce the productions
pierce the productions 13 天 前
I'm upset that the Cavs let him go, but I'm happy to see that he has this drive in him.
Yo Yo
Yo Yo 13 天 前
the rockets traded away harden just to get him back
DY 13 天 前
Looks like collin sexton brother😂
Eternal Darkness
Eternal Darkness 13 天 前
That quick first step he has is deadly. He was a sleeper pick in the 2019 draft. If he can consistently do this day in and day (of course not 50 point games but at least 20-30 point games) then he can easily be a top 10 player in the league once it’s all said and done! 💯
Joshua Espinales
Joshua Espinales 13 天 前
I think we should trade John Wall for another young player and let this core develop over the next couple of seasons. And with first round picks 2021 and 2022, the Rockets could easily be back with a vengeance in 3-5 years to compete for a title again. By then the great players of today that are forming super teams will be old and past their prime. The young teams are the ones to watch.
Sajan Matharu
Sajan Matharu 13 天 前
Lefthand jumpers look sooo much sicker
jón sverrir
jón sverrir 13 天 前
Man got the G LEAGUE hack from 2k on
Crypto Trader
Crypto Trader 13 天 前
Houston, you found your star! Not a Rockets fan, but glad to see Rockets have their new star and for dirt cheap too. Now they can start building.
Deih Smart
Deih Smart 13 天 前
Free bol bol! obi toppin! jabari Parker! them boys waitin to b unleashed to
Deih Smart
Deih Smart 13 天 前
Shoulda never been in da g league!
1 Thessalonians 5:22 Abstain from all appearance of evil.
Brown Mamba
Brown Mamba 13 天 前
Look like Harden Amazing skill😎
John Contrades
John Contrades 13 天 前
dear 2k, give us an updated kpj card
a James Harden v.02 in the making...
Dan miggins
Dan miggins 13 天 前
Baby harden.. Minus the flops...
Ka Le
Ka Le 13 天 前
the worst part about this game is the bucks drafted him
BASKETBALL 49 13 天 前
Awesome Video
James Taylor
James Taylor 13 天 前
That Euro step was disgusting 🔥🔥🔥🔥
BlackOmg 13 天 前
3:02 James Harden, ¿is you?
Brother Zombie
Brother Zombie 13 天 前
I guess the future is bright in Houston
Stephen Curry
Stephen Curry 13 天 前
I am a warriors fan but I really appreciate this young player
Monte Dom
Monte Dom 13 天 前
wall a hater
G. H. G.
G. H. G. 13 天 前
10 years ago this would have been big, but there is no defense allowed. It is almost like there is a 40+ game every other night...
Memeloid 12 天 前
defense not been played did u see jrue holiday his one the best defender in nba its just that his unstoppaable
pepe hepe
pepe hepe 13 天 前
Harden jr
zachery cornejo
zachery cornejo 13 天 前
cavs are punching the air rn they know they messed up lmaooo
dadang nur rahman safari
dadang nur rahman safari 14 天 前
He is next james harden
Ant the Goat
Ant the Goat 14 天 前
And he scored many of his points on Jrue Holiday who is an excellent defender
Ant the Goat
Ant the Goat 14 天 前
Never compare him to Harden
AhFulツ 14 天 前
The future of The NBA is in good hands
Mobius DC
Mobius DC 14 天 前
Kevin porter is related to micheal porter coz they are both junior😂
Ousmane Bah
Ousmane Bah 14 天 前
Young Harden 🔥🔥🔥
rkhope 14 天 前
Reminder: Kevin Porter Jr. is only 30th pick in 2019 draft.
samir hoballah
samir hoballah 14 天 前
Stephen Silas happy 3:16
Eriverto Gonsalez
Eriverto Gonsalez 14 天 前
Porter jr just took off and scored 50 points.
Raydo Libo-on
Raydo Libo-on 14 天 前
Harden version 2.0 Baby Harden Reincarnation of Harden 13 without 1 Fear the Bangs StepBack Prince The Lefty Scorer Anything to say to see him as harden version A Bright Future for Houston Rockets
Kenny Bradshaw
Kenny Bradshaw 14 天 前
LeBron James Kyrie Irving Andrew Wiggins Kevin Porter Jr right now 120 a game from them alone that's not counting assist rebounds thank you Cleveland Dan Gilbert for real
Shamone Music
Shamone Music 14 天 前
Ofc it’s the guy that I always had on my league in 2k20
GJ Espina
GJ Espina 14 天 前
KPJ is the New Harden for Rockets 🚀
La Man
La Man 14 天 前
The Bucks are sleepin' on defense.
flightjam 14 天 前
Whatever 🙄. These record stat makers are trying to make anything seem a big deal.
Baby Iverson
Baby Iverson 14 天 前
I been tryna tell y’all he the next Harden. Y’all thought I was crazy 🤦🏽‍♂️
Altcoin Mentor Explaining Video
Altcoin Mentor Explaining Video 14 天 前
Wow - how will the Cavs explain this ?
Steven Washington
Steven Washington 14 天 前
Did James Harden lose 30 pounds a grow a bush?
xnakama 14 天 前
James harden spirit left in rockets
Gseric47 14 天 前
....wait bro the Heat got rid of Kelly? 🤦🏾‍♂️
Juicy Chule
Juicy Chule 14 天 前
Kinda moves like De’aaron Fox lowkey
Santhie Beatriz
Santhie Beatriz 14 天 前
Cavs organization punching in the air right now 😁🤧🤣😂
mantovani3 14 天 前
“Cleveland this is for you!!”
Warsame Egal
Warsame Egal 14 天 前
Which porter jr is better. Kevin or Michael?
Nanko 14 天 前
He really looked like Harden here, the style and everything
Justin Konyong
Justin Konyong 14 天 前
KPJ reppin Washington well. Wish nothing but the best for him.
Joseph Lester Hernandez
Joseph Lester Hernandez 14 天 前
Hope he grows a beard 😊
Joshua D
Joshua D 14 天 前
Justin Edwards
Justin Edwards 14 天 前
I’ve said even before the oladipo trade when I was watching him & Jalen green go at it in the g league that he will be a future star and Houston should draft either Suggs or Mobley even though I think green is the second best player in this draft(maybe first). Suggs brings leadership at the pg position and he can shoot unlike john wall, him and Porter jr will be one of the best young backcourts in the league immediately
Hyab Berhane
Hyab Berhane 14 天 前
KPJ is a simple man. Gets fined drops 50
DIAJ TV 14 天 前
before i see the comment. its look like harden move.2:55 step back
Curtis Brown
Curtis Brown 14 天 前
Cleveland should slap themselves!
Michael Spencer
Michael Spencer 14 天 前
He’s 20. Let that sink in. Luka. Zion. Ja. This kid has the potential to be better than all of them.
postman aka bluestrip
postman aka bluestrip 14 天 前
The cavs fucced up letting him go I was hoping my kings got umm but nope the rockets Did
ChrisLikesYourMom 14 天 前
My cavs are so dumb for getting rid of kpj, kept Tauren prince over kpj lmao
TheBassilly 14 天 前
most of his buckets are sloppy lucky ones...\
Smooth K
Smooth K 14 天 前
Homie will probably average a cool 20 next year. Pure scorer but an improved passer.
Abshai Gavvala
Abshai Gavvala 14 天 前
he wearing his socks like a middle schooler at the YMCA in 2013
Marvin Joseph
Marvin Joseph 14 天 前
happy as hell I picked him up on my fantasy team 30 mins b4 the game started
King Shanium
King Shanium 14 天 前
How does Luka not be first to do this
Pajama Llama
Pajama Llama 14 天 前
Kevin Porter Jr is the youngest player in NBA history (20 yrs, 360 days) with 50+ PTS & 10+ AST in a game! Rockets really stole him from Cleveland for nothing🤣nice duo of Wood and KPJ
Dhaval Patel
Dhaval Patel 14 天 前
Who else see John Wall in the background calp for every basket made?
Charles Lobo
Charles Lobo 14 天 前
Moves exactly like jordan clarkson..
Vino Da Hustla
Vino Da Hustla 14 天 前
I'm so happy for bro. Especially after how the cavs treated him. Should go and drop 50 on them🤷🏽‍♂️
Pecker Doodle
Pecker Doodle 14 天 前
Smooth like harden with a very tiny amount of kyrie in him as well with some of those shot setups with the hesi
JoelDSC 14 天 前
Cavs always disrespecting their talent this why lebron left them the first time. KPJ is next up if he can keep his head on straight and focus.
Amat G.
Amat G. 14 天 前
James harden 2.0 in the making
Harlem Ren
Harlem Ren 14 天 前
Now do it again...till then stop hyping up these one in a 100 year games
DeadShotSV 14 天 前
That’s crazy 🔥
TrayVMO 14 天 前
Wym my 2k player dropped 167 points in my first season
Addicted to YouTube comments
Addicted to YouTube comments 14 天 前
I bet Cleveland is feeling real stupid right now
AllHail ThaMac
AllHail ThaMac 14 天 前
Cleveland so damn stupid but hey it’s Cleveland
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