The Warriors Stay Loose On the Bench! 🤣 | #Shorts

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14 天 前

🕺🏽 Golden Mood for the Golden State Warriors in their road victory against HOU! 🕺🏽
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Samuel K
Samuel K 11 天 前
JAS十N 11 天 前
Garry Arellano
Garry Arellano 11 天 前
Big Pun
Big Pun 12 天 前
When you have to play the lakers in the play in tournament 😂
aaliM art
aaliM art 12 天 前
Fun Fact: you can only dance like that when you’re winning.
Kagiso Motsemme
Kagiso Motsemme 12 天 前
Bazemore looking like a kid who was forced to dance for the house guests
Captain Tutan
Captain Tutan 12 天 前
Me and the bois waiting for klay to come back....
Takin productions
Takin productions 12 天 前
Bro you got curry in his seat doing it better then both of them and you got draymond getting lit and you got bazemore in perfect sync
AfroSamurai23 12 天 前
they probably got a tech for gloating
J K 12 天 前
Curry cant dance
Adrian Oswaldo Acevedo
Adrian Oswaldo Acevedo 12 天 前
Me and my team pregame:
monkeymentality 12 天 前
they were killing that bih
Bruh Band
Bruh Band 12 天 前
song title
Milan Jovanović
Milan Jovanović 12 天 前
You are posting this bullshit here, but Joker highlights are on Facebook, you guys are really idiots.
Arazorblade 12 天 前
What’s the song?
Jamie Jones
Jamie Jones 12 天 前
Cupid shuffle
Pussy Destroyer
Pussy Destroyer 13 天 前
Warrior Spirit
Simply Luis
Simply Luis 13 天 前
This is actually sad. It lets you know there's no other reason to talk about the GSW other than when they do something silly like this. From the bottom to the top, right back to the very bottom.
Carlos Morones
Carlos Morones 12 天 前
Curry just finished the month with the most threes’re just hating
chi cho
chi cho 13 天 前
realOMNIslasher 13 天 前
Lance Stephenson to GSW confirmed
Dara Aguilar
Dara Aguilar 13 天 前
Song name?
Jibreel Lantud
Jibreel Lantud 12 天 前
thats what im trying to figure out
Shivam 13 天 前
the towels just make it better
Carlo Soriano
Carlo Soriano 13 天 前
Steph your dancer?
Eriverto Gonsalez
Eriverto Gonsalez 13 天 前
They having fun some1 is missing on the dance floor the Mexican flavor JUAN TOZCANO Anderson.
Sandra Contreras
Sandra Contreras 13 天 前
There is, has NEVER been any teammates like Steph, Klay and Dray in ANY sports. Three different personalities, but the same mega watt "swag". And the confidence. Man. Steph, Klay and Dray, are special. And I am proud to have been on THEIR wonderful, exciting journey with them. I can say, I WAS THERE. Love you guys.
Prabh Singh
Prabh Singh 12 天 前
This ❤️🙌🏻 there will never be anything like Steph, klay and dray! Waiting for klay to comeback 🔥
Michelle Branch
Michelle Branch 13 天 前
Love it
Dame Cash
Dame Cash 13 天 前
Everybody clowning the Rockets right now
Arkar Htoo
Arkar Htoo 13 天 前
I thought mulder was steph and steph was bazemore all along
Cristine Velano
Cristine Velano 13 天 前
Whattt!??😂😂😂nice steps but ilove it....❤😍😘😘😘loveyou Stephen
realOMNIslasher 13 天 前
So inspirational
Madara Uchiha
Madara Uchiha 13 天 前
Look at curry man
Achfaq Atchade
Achfaq Atchade 13 天 前
Curry est toujours dedans😂😂❤️
JKSuccess1 13 天 前
Basketball Boogie....
oscar che
oscar che 13 天 前
Keep it up for the playoffs
@Simply Luis keep hating dumbass
Simply Luis
Simply Luis 13 天 前
What playoffs? They're looking like they're going to miss the PLAY-IN tournament.
Han Nguyengia
Han Nguyengia 13 天 前
Trustedvjayy 13 天 前
Guys what basketball workouts should I do?
joel condez
joel condez 13 天 前
we love you GSw 💜
far way moktar
far way moktar 13 天 前
The Fun -_-guy
The Fun -_-guy 13 天 前
Draymond with the move AYYYYY,Bazemore with the move OHHHHH 😂😂
Pnoi AntonioBanderas
Pnoi AntonioBanderas 13 天 前
Judy Seager
Judy Seager 13 天 前
Great win Warriors from the 2nd half🤣🤣👍👍🔥🔥kkkkkkklay fav be happy ♥️🤣👍ka pai blessing
Jwetchup 13 天 前
*They should try these moves while balling.*
carole pasion-capan
carole pasion-capan 13 天 前
Warriors owns the toyota center 😂😂
Severina Custodio
Severina Custodio 13 天 前
Hehehehe cuteness overload!😂🤣♥️♥️
Nanely Banthe.
Nanely Banthe. 13 天 前
Los mejoresssss!!!..💛💙 - ♥️👨‍🍳🔥👑
Fast Way913
Fast Way913 13 天 前
Draymond was going crazy lowkey👀🕺🏿🕺🏿💃🏿😳🔥🔥🔥🌊🔥 next career , dancing with the stars?🤔😳🕺🏿
Zoe Samano
Zoe Samano 11 天 前
@Skanda Tangirala cringe, but funny
Skanda Tangirala
Skanda Tangirala 11 天 前
More like Dancing with the All-Stars🤷🏾‍♂️😉
Hai Oaiuy
Hai Oaiuy 13 天 前
dirt cobain
dirt cobain 13 天 前
Mans was going all into it 🤣🤣🤣
Immaculate 13 天 前
Diego Garcia
Diego Garcia 13 天 前
i dont care what anyone thinks next year we'll show em its always gonna be clutch city to me Rockets are gonna have a good future #htownbasketball
Tuli Brull
Tuli Brull 13 天 前
23 points in that quarter #mvp
ItsSock 13 天 前
Hasn’t kent bazemore played for the warriors like 4 seperate times
faiz Ali
faiz Ali 13 天 前
Bro warriors act like thye good dog shit team
Julius Perseus
Julius Perseus 13 天 前
what is this "shorts" trend, i don't like it.
Living A Life Of Abundance
Living A Life Of Abundance 13 天 前
The one who cares the least runs the relationship. get with the girl that adores you the most. Not the one you breakin your neck for.
Nerfgamer15 S
Nerfgamer15 S 13 天 前
Okkkk! I see you warriors dancin!
Xavier is a Ball3r
Xavier is a Ball3r 13 天 前
Curry had 7 points at halftime and I just checked on phone, he ended with 23 in the 3rd😂😂dude is unreal💯
Jimmy Jj
Jimmy Jj 12 天 前
He ended up having 30points and he only played 30 minutes
Splash 13 天 前
Hey everyone, sorry for the self promoting, but I’m trying to get to 500 subs and I’d really appreciate it if you would help me out. Thanks!
Raydio Chamberx
Raydio Chamberx 13 天 前
I wouldve give em all techs
Swervy swervy
Swervy swervy 13 天 前
That one grandma at a cookout
Nii Cyfen
Nii Cyfen 13 天 前
Now that's a vibe!! 😂😂😂
Hai Oaiuy
Hai Oaiuy 13 天 前
Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan 13 天 前
Warriors just own the rockets
Gon 11 天 前
I’m done😂😂💀💀
Imnot Ahacker
Imnot Ahacker 12 天 前
@theboibc052 I seen two people Rey already but I wanna be the third. He means the warriors have been owning the rockets since the last 5 years.
M W 12 天 前
@Simply Luis He's talking about the last 5 years altogether lol
@Simply Luis what about the last five years?
Simply Luis
Simply Luis 13 天 前
If you gotta brag about owning one of the league's worst teams...oof.
Muhammad Zulfi Akbar
Muhammad Zulfi Akbar 13 天 前
And stay lose on court
Alexia Is On Fire
Alexia Is On Fire 13 天 前
Death, taxes and us continuing to OWN the Houston Rockets 😊 great win Dubs 💛💙
D'Allan Rixx T.V.
D'Allan Rixx T.V. 13 天 前
This why Kobe n MJ mentality cud never be matched ever again. Could you imagine if MJ or Kobe team was bottom of the West n the team is on the sideline turnt 🤦🏾‍♂️ 😂
Sheisnayomi _
Sheisnayomi _ 12 天 前
@Simply Luis nah your not my teacher butch
Simply Luis
Simply Luis 13 天 前
@Sheisnayomi _ Please learn to use punctuation. Please.
Sheisnayomi _
Sheisnayomi _ 13 天 前
Dude I love Kobe and his mentality but it’s okay to let go and have fun sometimes curry is doing his best ever night with an ass as team and still is having fun what more do you want him to do they was living something you should try and also there not the bottom there in the middle
Steph Curry
Steph Curry 13 天 前
Look at me and my team man, so inspirational
Drazo 13 天 前
w curgoat
Br Uh
Br Uh 13 天 前
Y’all love curry huh
xRadiAnT31 13 天 前
respect lmao
Hyunation 13 天 前
Stephon _The_Icon
Stephon _The_Icon 13 天 前
This is just fun times
KawhiLowry-Gaming 13 天 前
That moment when Carmelo Anthony posted earlier than NBA
Pranith Bhat
Pranith Bhat 13 天 前
Carl For President Anthony
Carl For President Anthony 13 天 前
BreadGang T
BreadGang T 13 天 前
Down Down Do Ya Dance lol dem boys happy they got that dub
Fred Fred
Fred Fred 13 天 前
We will be doing this when we beat the Suns/Jazz in the first round
MMD Dolls
MMD Dolls 11 天 前
@Simply Luis its possible for them to get in to the playoffs if they sneak in into 8th seed, this way they have twice to beat advantage against Spurs or Grizzlies, after that 8th seed they gonna go against the 1st seed which is either Jazz or Suns, the best GSW can achieve is prolly getting into the playoffs i don't see them going to semi-finals or even quarterfinals, not with that squad.
Simply Luis
Simply Luis 13 天 前
These comments be proving how little GS fans actually know about basketball. Bragging about beating a horrible team, talking about title contenders, etc. Steph alone can barely keep you in 10th place, but he's somehow going to beat great teams? Yikes, the idiocy in GS is real.
Drazo 13 天 前
hopefully brother, not a warriors fan but steph is my fav player
Lhype 13 天 前
@Fred Fred sure bud
MMD Dolls
MMD Dolls 13 天 前
lol not a chance, all they gonna do is double team Steph, the only player that can shoot 40% other than Steph is Wiggins, Wiggins can't even score 30+ consistently
Gamer_WasHere 13 天 前
Mr Good
Mr Good 13 天 前
well well well then
KawhiLowry-Gaming 13 天 前
Hey you're thicc
Flamingo Confeiteiro
Flamingo Confeiteiro 13 天 前
Stephen Curry
Stephen Curry 13 天 前
*Steph dancing is more fun to watch than Warriors play without Steph!*
Hello 9 天 前
umm curry sexuality at its finest
Amor Boaquin
Amor Boaquin 12 天 前
Hai Oaiuy
Hai Oaiuy 13 天 前
realOMNIslasher 13 天 前
Nii Cyfen
Nii Cyfen 13 天 前
Gary Trent Jr
Gary Trent Jr 13 天 前
Let them celebrate for a minute
Joshua Lewis
Joshua Lewis 13 天 前
They were Footloose
Matt K
Matt K 13 天 前
Stay losing on and off the bench*
Chris 798
Chris 798 12 天 前
But, yes. No playoffs
Chris 798
Chris 798 12 天 前
@Simply Luis Dude, they won against almost all of the top teams lmao
Simply Luis
Simply Luis 13 天 前
@Matt K You're wasting your time bro. These GS fans don't know a thing about basketball. To them, this win will ensure a championship this season. 😂
Matt K
Matt K 13 天 前
@Retrojumper i would hope they would beat a 16-48 team
Retrojumper 13 天 前
@Matt K right but they still won though?
Madre on yt
Madre on yt 13 天 前
Who ever reading this God bless you and your family
WPrince 13 天 前
Kalabaw Lamaw
Kalabaw Lamaw 13 天 前
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