EVERY Steph Curry 3PM From April! 👨‍🍳

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14 天 前

Before Steph and the Golden State Warriors take on the Houston Rockets tonight at 7:30pm/et on ESPN, 👀 ALL 96 3PM from Chef Curry's unbelievable month of April!
Stephen Curry in the month of April: 37.3 PPG, 51.8% FG, 46.6% 3pt FG, 90.8% FT
Curry's 96 3PM in April is the most 3-pointers made in a calendar month in #NBAHistory.
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CuteCatz 天 前
i was not suprised this was 20 mins
Victor Swag
Victor Swag 天 前
The heartbreaking eyebrow untypically look because slipper incidentally divide unlike a tangible violin. rampant, alleged bronze
Mal Jay
Mal Jay 天 前
The ambitious money distinctively fade because wrinkle individually train midst a melodic great-grandmother. clumsy, sleepy taiwan
E126HG 2 天 前
old people and haters be like: "iF hE onLy PlAys in thE 80's he cAn't dO thAt"
xdiwanx Asadzda
xdiwanx Asadzda 2 天 前
Why every NBA’s video are at 720p...
XxkillerxX10 2 天 前
The fact that he fucking swished almost all of them is bizarre, to say the least. #Goat !!!
Amel 4 天 前
Back from injuried he deserve MVP!
Jessica C
Jessica C 5 天 前
He is also having a great may 40 threes already in may
Kevin Owens
Kevin Owens 6 天 前
Majority of the time nobody is crashing the boards...crazy
Tucker Hotz
Tucker Hotz 7 天 前
The craziest part of this vid: I counted 2 that rimmed in and zero that banked...
The Playbook
The Playbook 8 天 前
I think curry has been watching some tape: his own highlights
Branhitgreen Boi
Branhitgreen Boi 9 天 前
(Sniff) here comes....... FLIGHT FANBOYS
Gabriela Castro
Gabriela Castro 9 天 前
The 🐐
Bernard McCoy
Bernard McCoy 9 天 前
Eyeball 👁
Bernard McCoy
Bernard McCoy 9 天 前
His mixtape gon be like 6 hours long
SmokeyK 9 天 前
This nigga went 100% from the 3pt line all month?? This Nigha different 💯
Alexandre Alves
Alexandre Alves 9 天 前
Que Perfeição de Curry...parabéns pela carreira, e pelas alegrias que deixou.
Paul Suan
Paul Suan 9 天 前
@ 0:10 i thought rick sanchez is talking
FazeRapid Twich. TV
FazeRapid Twich. TV 9 天 前
Dude I wish Curry was In Hornets I wonder what that would be for Curry to see LeMlo
Johnry Gabo
Johnry Gabo 10 天 前
That's my Idol ❤️
Venz Daiki
Venz Daiki 10 天 前
Dem 20 minutes long
G3n Zi
G3n Zi 10 天 前
The 3 point king of NBA!
Trelloo 10 天 前
Some of those screens look illegal
KING JOE 10 天 前
Steph plays kinds like I play
Feliciano Jr. Oconer
Feliciano Jr. Oconer 10 天 前
Give this man the trophy 😁
Matthew Deike
Matthew Deike 10 天 前
How is this man not in the MVP race?
×Epic 10 天 前
720p quality in 2021?? cmon nba
Tojo Heriniaina Tsimalay
Tojo Heriniaina Tsimalay 10 天 前
Draymond may be the player with the easiest job in offense at the moment, just dribble for a few second and then pass to Curry XD
rohit jagirdar
rohit jagirdar 10 天 前
zakaria dahamani
zakaria dahamani 11 天 前
Dương Tiến
Dương Tiến 11 天 前
All 3 pointers from him also pretty
Enigma 11 天 前
Steph can break the 14 threes record any day but Steve Kerr dosent let him
MIAMITHEKID [-_-] 11 天 前
When klay gets back it clips.
4per 11 天 前
UM today is May 1 not April 30
Zechariah Walsi-en
Zechariah Walsi-en 11 天 前
complements to the chef curry
shyx 11 天 前
He is not just good at basketball but also excel in dancing.
Hunter Borman
Hunter Borman 11 天 前
Steph being doubled team in half of these is insane
The fact that steph is a GOAT is a fact infact.
diamond hester
diamond hester 11 天 前
go curry woooooooo
elephantwalker smith
elephantwalker smith 11 天 前
These are the days. Wilt, Kareem, Steph....remember this month.
Mark Kanatzar
Mark Kanatzar 11 天 前
Who cares move to china with lequeen james
Rama 11 天 前
Todo curry este mes
अर्जुन् 11 天 前
What is more amazing is that Curry never plays 48 minutes. Max 30 minutes a game. And still scores like a freak
अर्जुन् 11 天 前
To me Steph Curry is such an inspiration. Curry goat!
Kolapot 11 天 前
Curry is a highlight. Players are having a hard time defending him, because they are too entertained seeing Steph doing his tricks.
John 14:27 Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.
Darius Clayburn
Darius Clayburn 11 天 前
Olivier Rodriguez
Olivier Rodriguez 11 天 前
What are we witnessing.
Elmer Arellano
Elmer Arellano 11 天 前
thisissoulo 11 天 前
let’s be honest this is insane but if there was no replays after every shot and multiple angles this video would be like 13 min long still very impressive i’m just saying the reason it’s this long is because of the multiple replays and all that
Erel muhamad iqbal
Erel muhamad iqbal 11 天 前
Azurr 11 天 前
steph for mvp
top10nfl 11 天 前
why do they continuously take out the court sound/net sound
Reymart Galvez
Reymart Galvez 11 天 前
When Steph retires, so will I watching NBA.
LethalDragon06 11 天 前
Who is better? April Curry or June flight?
Abi Chau
Abi Chau 11 天 前
20mins of 3PM in a month, equals to other players whole Season best highlights.
Ed Lutaaya
Ed Lutaaya 11 天 前
Draymond's passing is on point. Passes Stephen into position, walls off the defender and the give and go. Respect.
Imar 11 天 前
Unfortunately he won't win MVP 😭
Piripiao 11 天 前
*Every other NBA legend would have a 20 minute highlight reel for their ENTIRE CAREER, crazy how this all transpired in just a month for Steph.*
chen dong
chen dong 11 天 前
There are two types of 3-point in the world, normal 3 and Stephen 3
Annerik c
Annerik c 11 天 前
20 minutes long. Okay .. NBA watch out imma watch it coz it's all about curry ❤️❤️
Marcin Paweł
Marcin Paweł 11 天 前
I’ll waiting,for every 3 point Curry’s. I can get a free in work,and spend all day.
OMEGA 11 天 前
When you have a 20 minute video of 3's made in a month.. You're bad
ceo angel
ceo angel 12 天 前
That elevator screen is so damm good
Herald Balili
Herald Balili 12 天 前
Could of had more threes than this if Kerr let him play in the 4th, but it’s good to make Curry benched so there won’t be chances of him getting injured in the final minutes.
Cecilie Noble
Cecilie Noble 12 天 前
This is simply amazing and unbelievable! Curry, is legendary! 💯⭐🏀⭐
i think they played this season, not to get into the final or get a trophy, but just to give expercience to the players of their team and get curry records, i think
Sophilia Lark-Woodbury
Sophilia Lark-Woodbury 12 天 前
The NBA better thank their lucky stars that Klay is not healthy. This team would probably have the 4th seed right now.
Hime San
Hime San 12 天 前
The God of Basketball walk on the Earth with so much miracle-named Stephen Curry.
Mr. Kay
Mr. Kay 12 天 前
The way this man evades his markers is just mind blowing
Chen Chan
Chen Chan 12 天 前
Noel Blair
Noel Blair 12 天 前
Best shooter ever!!!!!
Bobby Ocampo
Bobby Ocampo 12 天 前
Please post a countdown on how many 3s Curry needs to break the all time 3point record
Joshua Vehn Danga
Joshua Vehn Danga 12 天 前
Steph is a content creator, he just making more threes every game to complete a 10 to 20 mins of videos. Damn!
PandaSquad 35
PandaSquad 35 12 天 前
3 point king 👑🏀💙💛⛹️⛹️‍♀️⛹️‍♂️
Brian Mabasa
Brian Mabasa 12 天 前
now yall know why Green usually gets a high assist game.... im kidding Green is a good facilitator... still he usually goes for Curry and thats almost an automatic assist point....
Efryl Anthony Dela Cruz
Efryl Anthony Dela Cruz 12 天 前
He owned the whole month of April throwing 3's🔥🔥🔥
ZaNaco Skates
ZaNaco Skates 12 天 前
Announcer said “They must think there are seven warriors out there” 😂😂🤣 Curry ass be out there flying around 💨🔥💀
Leo Rosales
Leo Rosales 12 天 前
it is so exhilirating to watch. it’s so funny that every opponent’s defense is focused on steph, yet, he scores at will. the greatest mwah.
Junior Kingboy
Junior Kingboy 12 天 前
Definitely there's not only sniper in Army
John Nixon III
John Nixon III 12 天 前
“No one is more lethal than the baby-faced assassin!!” 🚫🧢😂
Ronney Chu
Ronney Chu 12 天 前
20 mins of 3PM, you would think its for the season, nope just a month lol
Kevin Röhling
Kevin Röhling 12 天 前
draymond actually assisted everyone of them
Kurt Stephen
Kurt Stephen 12 天 前
When it comes to 3’s, steph curry will break all the record with an exclamation point!
Simpman Life
Simpman Life 12 天 前
Steph just chucking some of them with defense all over him and still butter.
Garritt Lehan
Garritt Lehan 12 天 前
Every shaq 3 pointer ever 40 seconds every steph 3 points from April 20 min
KhalDoyGo TV
KhalDoyGo TV 12 天 前
this is alien-like
Vinny !
Vinny ! 12 天 前
look at curry man, so inspirational
Aminah Love
Aminah Love 12 天 前
It’s crazy how it’s 20 minutes the greatness
Elated Elitist
Elated Elitist 12 天 前
Steph Curry whenever someone misses a 3pointer: cnpost.info/down/f4aYl6drlairxbc/sh-p-n.html&ab_channel=WORLDSTARHIPHOP
Dominic Pineda
Dominic Pineda 12 天 前
We all knew this video was gonna be long
B Q 12 天 前
Little Colt
Little Colt 12 天 前
His shotmaking has no limits! He can pull up off the dribble, cross a defender up and create space, hit you with a step back, give the ball up and relocate for a catch and shoot three. We have never seen a player who can make the shots he does and he does it with insane efficiency! Never will see another like him 🙏 thank you Mr Curry for being so inspirational
Nelson Quintanilla
Nelson Quintanilla 12 天 前
How is he playing basketball at 3pm every day? Nice schedule.
aznhandles 12 天 前
4 sure HOF of 3’s!
James Zeus de Leon
James Zeus de Leon 12 天 前
Efficient volume shooting, quick release and the craftiness!
DaEDP 12 天 前
I do not like Steph Curry but I’m just astonished at how good this man is at shooting sheesh. You can’t deny he the best PG and top 5 MVP candidate.
Sahil Arora
Sahil Arora 12 天 前
14:31 "CURRY ANOTHER 3 ... BAAANG !" 🔥🔥🔥🤌🏽🤌🏽🤌🏽
Sahil Arora
Sahil Arora 12 天 前
11:59 "Baaang" Legendary 🔥🤌🏽
Smile Always
Smile Always 12 天 前
I just hope his legacy would last for atleast 20 years, kids these days are getting better at everything and might break his record in 10 years
Tejas Sabnis
Tejas Sabnis 12 天 前
The newer generation always surpasses the older generation. That's always a given. (Except of course in the case of MJ and Wilt, but cmon those two are literal gods)
Shaolin Hooper
Shaolin Hooper 12 天 前
Requires great attention to detail and consistency to do what steph curry has been doing. Complete style trend changer Not to many people who can do this Hence we have a few icons
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