NBA Top 10 Plays Of The Night | April 29, 2021

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16 天 前

Check out the top 10 plays of the night from April 28 featuring Jeff Green and MORE!
0:00​​ - 10 | Mike James
0:16​ - 9 | Isaiah Roby
0:26​​ - 8 | Jaxson Hayes
0:37​ - 7 | Steph Curry
0:48​​ - 6 | Kenyon Martin Jr.
0:59​​ - 5 | Andrew Wiggins
1:10​​ - 4 | TJ McConnell
1:23​​ - 3 | Jeff Green
1:31 - 2 | Isaiah Roby
1:41​​ - 1 | Karl-Anthony Towns
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Derim Devlet
Derim Devlet 10 天 前
Namus Şeref enes toy a nba izlememe için deccal mi emir vermiş?
Derim Devlet
Derim Devlet 10 天 前
Namus Şeref hanla pazarlık hakkında: anlayıp pork küf fitneleri? apa arif fitneleri? . . . ? han anlaşmaz....
Akin Olatunji
Akin Olatunji 12 天 前
"A rare miss by Steph Curry"......Rare🤣🤣🤣
Chancella Tshala News
Chancella Tshala News 13 天 前
Tepikatenroar 13 天 前
Are you telling me Jokic hits an and-one pull up three and it isn't a top 10 play?
1 Thessalonians 5:22 Abstain from all appearance of evil.
orvil felices
orvil felices 13 天 前
nice one play keep safe all
BASKETBALL 49 13 天 前
Great Video
Vladyslav Kurbatskyy
Vladyslav Kurbatskyy 13 天 前
Mariocezar Souza
Mariocezar Souza 14 天 前
Maravilha, muito legal!
William Larsen
William Larsen 14 天 前
"Steph Curry, so inspirational" 😂
Cassius 2206
Cassius 2206 14 天 前
I'm sorry but how did that KAT clip got number 1 spot? If Wiggins was the one dunking on KAT or if he blocked it, that deserve to be number 1.
jeverettrulz 14 天 前
KAT dunking on Wiggins, the Soft Olympics..
sagol2x tv
sagol2x tv 14 天 前
Hhaahha voting bever lies 71% for curry?? :)
sagol2x tv
sagol2x tv 14 天 前
Hhaahha voting bever lies 71% for curry?? :)
Jeff Reisen
Jeff Reisen 14 天 前
Adrian Lazaro
Adrian Lazaro 14 天 前
Adrian Lazaro
Adrian Lazaro 14 天 前
Thomas Ginola
Thomas Ginola 14 天 前
Hawkking_44 14 天 前
who the hell is the narrator?!
Brandon Johnson
Brandon Johnson 14 天 前
Kat 😭
Christian Zapata
Christian Zapata 14 天 前
🤣🤣🤣, he took three steps on number 1
Tyler Holland
Tyler Holland 14 天 前
The goat, Mike James
G M 14 天 前
Pablo Lozano
Pablo Lozano 14 天 前
KAT fatality!
The Inktician
The Inktician 14 天 前
Kmart jr play was the best easy
Afohunter 24
Afohunter 24 14 天 前
KAT is the best big man in the league
Mustang _
Mustang _ 14 天 前
0:13 sounds like a different word
Spazz Jenkins
Spazz Jenkins 14 天 前
Mike James dining boys out there
Hooptapes24 14 天 前
KPJ went off 🔥
Torin O'Connor
Torin O'Connor 14 天 前
Curry wasn’t even fouled
Manne Di
Manne Di 14 天 前
Seems like Uncle Jeff has some poster dunks every game
Nana Gardiner Backup
Nana Gardiner Backup 14 天 前
Darius 14 天 前
KMart JR stay block these boy's attempts
Lucas Ramos
Lucas Ramos 14 天 前
OMG! What a wonderful 9th play! I'm sure Gabriel Deck will be an NBA superstar! Greetings from Colonia Dora chango!
Nana Gardiner Backup
Nana Gardiner Backup 14 天 前
Tyler Hellerstedt
Tyler Hellerstedt 14 天 前
I’m so happy the wolves don’t have Wiggins anymore he’s trash
Archie Ponce
Archie Ponce 14 天 前
VanVleet plays for BKN now
Fermin J. Padernilla III
Fermin J. Padernilla III 14 天 前
A no look 3 is rare and you could end up in shaqtin a fool if you miss it. I don't know why it's not here
TSK_Sebas 05
TSK_Sebas 05 14 天 前
How is Curry and Dray’s play not here
Jon Melendez
Jon Melendez 14 天 前
0:36 Flight really made it 😭😂 F T C FLIGHT TEAM STAND 🆙
Nana Gardiner Backup
Nana Gardiner Backup 14 天 前
Junior Lewalski
Junior Lewalski 14 天 前
F you soft ass wiggins!!!!! GO WOLVES!
J Simmons
J Simmons 14 天 前
Unc' Jeff on this top 10 almost nightly...certainly weekly.
Nana Gardiner Backup
Nana Gardiner Backup 14 天 前
Ryan B
Ryan B 14 天 前
These young boys soft steph was not fouled and the other guy got a dime at the rim and he just tosses it in the basket no slam dunk or anything
Chris Wippich
Chris Wippich 14 天 前
The disrespect for Kevin porter jr. he had a 50 point double double
[4B03]FUNG CHEUK LAP [4B03]馮卓立
[4B03]FUNG CHEUK LAP [4B03]馮卓立 14 天 前
Shadojoker 14 天 前
The production level on the beat was FIERCE
Nana Gardiner Backup
Nana Gardiner Backup 14 天 前
Jaival Shah
Jaival Shah 14 天 前
how is gary trent jr game winner not in this
MrMARCUS2503 14 天 前
Jeff green been postering dudes all year
manguy2000 14 天 前
KAT didn't really dunk on Wiggins. Cmon. KAT was not his defensive assignment and he moved out of the way. He isn't stupid. Plus you forgot Wiggins breaking his ankles, dropping the shoulder on him and the uncontested dunking. But they had a great time...good friends.
Tomas Marra
Tomas Marra 14 天 前
Victor Flores
Victor Flores 14 天 前
I swear raptors had 2 really good dunks I’m surprised they didn’t make it
Nana Gardiner Backup
Nana Gardiner Backup 14 天 前
Stephanie Rkdjfbdn
Stephanie Rkdjfbdn 14 天 前
Steph Curry
TheMrCaptainStfu 14 天 前
2 was my favorite and 1 needs a better angle!
Hector Fer
Hector Fer 14 天 前
Nadie Absulatamente nadie En el debut de la Tortuga le ponen en el top plays que no es común en los debuts de la NBA. Vamos deck la PTM, otro argentino más en la NBA!!!!!
MoodZ 14 天 前
0:37 what you might be here for
Christopher Nugent
Christopher Nugent 14 天 前
Jaxson Hayes block was a goaltend no doubts.
Santiago Torres
Santiago Torres 14 天 前
Gabriel deck no Isaiah
Bald Zion Williamson
Bald Zion Williamson 14 天 前
I’m Bald Zeon Williamson lol
Treycoyne12 14 天 前
Jaxson Hayes block was clearly a goaltend lol
California Soul
California Soul 14 天 前
Double M On Tha Beat
Double M On Tha Beat 14 天 前
** ⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️
Te Bobo
Te Bobo 14 天 前
I'm under the impression that any of these nba players can posterize majority of other players in the nba, but blocking a dunk is special. Kenyon Martin Jr won this one.
Aleksa Prelic
Aleksa Prelic 14 天 前
NBA hates the Nuggets...
Valentin Battauz
Valentin Battauz 14 天 前
Aguante argentina wacho
Hollister Freeman
Hollister Freeman 14 天 前
He said "so inspirational"
L.N. Hitsman
L.N. Hitsman 14 天 前
Dime time. Passing > Dunks
Beneilton Martins
Beneilton Martins 14 天 前
So inspiracional
Nick Scheidt
Nick Scheidt 14 天 前
Jesus loves you
La Man
La Man 14 天 前
When Uncle Jeff dunks, that's the number One spot for me right there.
Nana Gardiner Backup
Nana Gardiner Backup 14 天 前
Noah Missere
Noah Missere 14 天 前
No raptors??? I thought for sure one of OGs dunks or bembry's would make it
SSDirk1976 14 天 前
No Mavs?? #DISLIKE
El Baracho
El Baracho 14 天 前
Que grande tortu Deck
Nana Gardiner Backup
Nana Gardiner Backup 14 天 前
Никита Васильев
Никита Васильев 14 天 前
K-Mart wants to block everything fr
Janmar Filosofo
Janmar Filosofo 14 天 前
Jeff Green maybe has the most poster dunks this season
Charles Johnson
Charles Johnson 14 天 前
J0Adam 14 天 前
draymond green's dime is not on the list !
tiktak vlog
tiktak vlog 14 天 前
KAT is Soft.....Jimmy Butler
Danny Brown
Danny Brown 14 天 前
“Rejects the hokey pokey” 😂😂😂
THE _ G.O.A.T 14 天 前
0:38 flight needs to see
Ablinkon time
Ablinkon time 14 天 前
Way to lose to my wolves lol.
Jon Dave
Jon Dave 14 天 前
Pete Espiritu
Pete Espiritu 14 天 前
K mart jr. Plays like his dad. Not afraid to contest anyone even players bigger than him
Aldwin Martinez
Aldwin Martinez 14 天 前
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Tactical Penguin
Tactical Penguin 14 天 前
Producers, writers and talent must have been over caffeinated
Lap Lap Ricky Fung
Lap Lap Ricky Fung 14 天 前
brian robinson
brian robinson 14 天 前
KAT is trash...he look so clumsy on the court 😳
中山ジュリアン 14 天 前
0:38 My looking SC30💓
Nana Gardiner Backup
Nana Gardiner Backup 14 天 前
alp Özdemir
alp Özdemir 14 天 前
Bite me
Bite me 14 天 前
These plays suckd ass cheese as always, watered down baby back bitch'ass league fulla cry babies, respect us FUCK YOU!!!!
asterisk911 14 天 前
0:57 Why does he say "a rare miss by Steph Curry"? The dude misses over 50% of the shots he takes, as of course he would, because that's how it works.
Николай Булгаков
Николай Булгаков 14 天 前
Martin Jr is a block monster
Dawid Piejko
Dawid Piejko 14 天 前
How is Steph's no-look 3 not there
A G 6
A G 6 14 天 前
Look at Towns man
Montfromdabloc.Official 14 天 前
-Curry is as much of a flopper as harden -Roby reminds me of Rudy Gay And Danny Granger type also -Uncle Jeff must be taking wine baths like Amare Stoudmire
Levi Heichou
Levi Heichou 14 天 前
Chris Miles is cringe. Even prefer miss two-hands-for-safety to him
slar 2017
slar 2017 14 天 前
weak top 10
IvanKnowsBest DIARY
IvanKnowsBest DIARY 14 天 前
Ayos yung dunk
Le Comédien
Le Comédien 15 天 前
Stephanie choke Curry the only guy to je in the top 10 with a simple 3 shot The lobbying is in process Most overrated player of all time Of course
Nico Ivarra
Nico Ivarra 15 天 前
0:16 9 | Gabriel Deck
Kali 15 天 前
Whenever I see Jacar Sampson I remember he was the dude that Zach Lavine first banged on after he returned from injury. Zach dunked all over him in a way that said 'oh you must have forgotten who I am'😄
Nana Gardiner Backup
Nana Gardiner Backup 14 天 前
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