NBA Top 10 Plays Of The Night | April 28, 2021

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17 天 前

Check out the top 10 plays of the night from April 28 featuring Bam Adebayao and MORE!
0:00​ - 10 | Jusuf Nurkic
0:10 - 9 | Devonte Graham
0:17​ - 8 | Miles Bridges
0:25 - 7 | Dwight Howard
0:33​ - 6 | Nikola Jokic
0:42​ - 5 | Chandler Hutchison
0:49​ - 4 | Paul Millsap
1:00​ - 3 | Daniel Gafford
1:06​ - 2 | Rui Hachimura
1:16​ - 1 | Bam Adebayao
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BASKETBALL 49 13 天 前
Awesome Video
Spug Ghetto
Spug Ghetto 14 天 前
Bam Attack!
Jason McAllister
Jason McAllister 14 天 前
Wizards looking mean against the Lakers....
Chris Y
Chris Y 14 天 前
Jokic block underrated
Rain Man
Rain Man 14 天 前
90% of NBA highlights are dunks but somehow WNBA players feel insulted by the suggestion to lower their rim.
Haruko Akagi
Haruko Akagi 14 天 前
Rui must be no.1
eastudio 14 天 前
Mostly dunks
Vladyslav Kurbatskyy
Vladyslav Kurbatskyy 14 天 前
Double M On Tha Beat
Double M On Tha Beat 14 天 前
** ⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️
Giovanni Cervantes
Giovanni Cervantes 14 天 前
#6 should have been #1
Giovanni Cervantes
Giovanni Cervantes 14 天 前
Plays are filled with dunks.
tvかすきん 15 天 前
RUI no1!!!!!!!!!
eazy money
eazy money 15 天 前
ゆうと 15 天 前
SteveLyell 15 天 前
Lady I come home from a hard days work each day to relish these highlights, can you please let them sit a minute?
Pinky pinky
Pinky pinky 15 天 前
Who pick the plays? Wtf
Grady McKinney
Grady McKinney 15 天 前
2020.. Covid and kobe 2021.. Bodies(dunks) and injuries
Arthur Farquharson Jr
Arthur Farquharson Jr 15 天 前
Mofos got posterized last night lol
Joe Bluck
Joe Bluck 15 天 前
best highlight film this year!
Lucas Booth
Lucas Booth 15 天 前
But robert williams block...
Freddy Santiago
Freddy Santiago 15 天 前
Bam is absolute vicious😲😲😤😤😤.
Omar Reid
Omar Reid 15 天 前
This is one of the best top 10 for the year...
Dominique John Arevalo
Dominique John Arevalo 15 天 前
Lakers posterized thrice in this game.
Peyton Daily
Peyton Daily 15 天 前
David Duarte
David Duarte 15 天 前
fix the sound
LegomylesGaming 15 天 前
NWS189 15 天 前
I don't know, rui's dunk looks more like dunk of the year to me.
NWS189 15 天 前
-_- 15 天 前
all these look like flight when the cameras weren't on
Jens 15 天 前
Average dunks>99% of the truly great plays you see nightly according to this series.
bkn91 15 天 前
Wow back in early 2000 this would be top 10pf the year !!😳
R8ch3l91 15 天 前
two of the players are former Bulls players...
derrick gooden
derrick gooden 15 天 前
We had some great posterized dunks this month.
Banana Phone
Banana Phone 15 天 前
can you stop with dunk only top plays? Its getting boring
Emax 15 天 前
Bru. Anyone notice dwight made sure he didn't land on the guy that fell below him?
Nc19 15 天 前
It doesn’t have to be a poster to be the top play Hutchinson’s dunk underrated af!!!! BEAUTIFUL
Jizz Lord
Jizz Lord 15 天 前
zakaria amin
zakaria amin 15 天 前
AD got baptized 💔😂😂😂
Larry Richardson
Larry Richardson 15 天 前
Why was it feeling like it was on fast forward though? Lol
Yugo 15 天 前
Lame dunk s dude...
nico halili
nico halili 15 天 前
The narrator has to poop so she made this top 10 really quick.
czarnaparowkazaglady 15 天 前
joseph chavez
joseph chavez 15 天 前
I swear rui hachimura has the same set up as kawhi Leonard as far as their play style
Hectic Highlights
Hectic Highlights 15 天 前
1:15 i hate that celebration
MEECH !! 15 天 前
🤔 Man I know that’s not Gabrielle Union doing the commentary
Cjsuave7 15 天 前
Wiz v Lakers was a church service where the Wiz were the preachers cuz they came to baptize!!! Dang!
MitiaSamorodov 15 天 前
Number 9 😱😱😱
Something really easy to spell
Something really easy to spell 15 天 前
Strong night!
Michael Reyes
Michael Reyes 15 天 前
Wizards were just having a dunk fest out there!!!!!
Germán Arévalo
Germán Arévalo 15 天 前
Rui's dunk was so Kawhi Leonard like
Bryan Tan
Bryan Tan 15 天 前
Rui top 1 of the night
Ahmed Mukhtar
Ahmed Mukhtar 15 天 前
Seems like the wizard’s team took a lecture from Westbrook on how to demolish the rim...
Ndabezinhle Masuku
Ndabezinhle Masuku 15 天 前
Bam's dunk is everything, but the mental strength required to execute Rui's poster on AD was definitely off the scale.
Envy Unholy
Envy Unholy 15 天 前
The Less-Lebron Lakers got murdered today. 😂
James Friesen
James Friesen 15 天 前
The joker was the best
Jeffery Taylor
Jeffery Taylor 15 天 前
Lakers all on the damn tape
CarlMADEUCUM 15 天 前
CarlMADEUCUM 15 天 前
The Wizards bullied the Lakers!!!!
chaker54 15 天 前
dude, #9 was way better than most of this dunks...
Bryant Woodbury
Bryant Woodbury 15 天 前
Jazz set a franchise record in points(154-105) and win size, not that anyone would know after watching this...
World of NBA
World of NBA 15 天 前
Mando Marley
Mando Marley 15 天 前
Title should've said Lakers getting destroyed
Olivier B. Ngoga
Olivier B. Ngoga 15 天 前
Where's Morant's rejection?! :(
Abelardo Peralta
Abelardo Peralta 15 天 前
😱ridiculous highlights😱
L J 15 天 前
Toebiwan Konobi
Toebiwan Konobi 15 天 前
Dang seeing the bulls players on the wiz destroy makes me somewhat sad.
Manas Batchu
Manas Batchu 15 天 前
hachimura fouled
Kent IP
Kent IP 15 天 前
This just shows u the referee's level... 2 uncalled fouls in a daily top 10? Especially jokic got zion all hand n the baseline referee actually stood at a good spot...
King Kwam
King Kwam 15 天 前
0:10 "What a great way to score!" Any FIFA players out there?
Ripper Roo
Ripper Roo 15 天 前
Nah, Adebayo is like Top 4, there's a lot of better posterized dunks on this video
Xeiryl's Fun Time
Xeiryl's Fun Time 15 天 前
Hachimura is the number one davis is a beast not like poetle
njuey 15 天 前
Slaaaam dunk baby!! Let's goo
Matheus Galdino
Matheus Galdino 15 天 前
In my opinion, number 9 was better than most of the others
wally1979 15 天 前
You can punch someone in the air and dunk it... Blake style... and it's never called. EDIT: Bam's dunk... that's the one. The cleanest one!
mamadou wade diagne
mamadou wade diagne 15 天 前
Damn Anthony davis😭😭😭
Saif THE Realtor
Saif THE Realtor 15 天 前
Probably one of the best top 10 of the year and we don't get Goatmentator! I don't even feel like watching the top ten no more.
James Allocod
James Allocod 15 天 前
Its like im watching this at 2x speed
LA Lumacang
LA Lumacang 15 天 前
Poster night 😮
Robbie Creadick
Robbie Creadick 15 天 前
Joker block should’ve been much higher
Heritage Baptist Church
Heritage Baptist Church 15 天 前
Lakers dunked all over by Slam Dunk Wizards
Golden Lizard
Golden Lizard 15 天 前
Never saw a worst player than Kuzma
Seb Cook
Seb Cook 15 天 前
Definitely could’ve had Ja’s levitating block on Nurkic or Rob Williams’ chase down block on graham
575 Gaurav Raj
575 Gaurav Raj 15 天 前
Joker blocking Zion was Epic🔥
Until you realize it was a missed foul call (officially)
akidane6 15 天 前
The people deserved more Energy for this video sad
UpshotMusicTV 15 天 前
Anthony Davis😂😂😂 worst poster of his career??
VArsovski10 15 天 前
Game winning block ends up in 6 spot 🤔, wtf
東京ジョニー 15 天 前
what a jam.....rui🔥
nazil 15 天 前
this might be one of the best top ten of the year
king0228 15 天 前
The only complaint for this top 10 list is it is not narrate by godmentator.
Nick Beck
Nick Beck 15 天 前
Cole anthony robbed
Daniel Lanzotti
Daniel Lanzotti 15 天 前
NBA mgmt: the quicker you read through the top 10 the more money we will pay you Ally LaBoring: dw i got you!
Shadojoker 15 天 前
Are y'all on minutes restriction??!! Why so quick with top 10 plays??
Mohamed Berety
Mohamed Berety 15 天 前
Nigga kuz got dunked on the same way trying to get a charge on boogie 😂😂😂😂
Luis Campos
Luis Campos 15 天 前
the most boring announcer
Nikola ZUber
Nikola ZUber 15 天 前
Jokic MVP just confirmed
Mixer 15 天 前
So Jokic doesn't play defense, fuck you media, he had 3 blocks and 3 steals in that last game, and is 5th in the leagues in steals
ぴゃんまやペンギン 15 天 前
felixvikes28 15 天 前
Where the F is Cam Payne highlights no love for the suns.
uzunumit 15 天 前
Number 2 offensive foul
Elie BECHARA 15 天 前
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