Tim Hardaway Jr. POSTS CAREER-HIGH 42 PTS! 👀

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16 天 前

THJ records a career-high 42pts to lead the Mavs
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Steven R
Steven R 13 天 前
Went from hardabrick to hardagoat in 1 game
BASKETBALL 49 13 天 前
Great Video
Eriverto Gonsalez
Eriverto Gonsalez 14 天 前
Its the right time to do this while luka is resting
Alex Shepherd
Alex Shepherd 14 天 前
Happy to finally see him play all levels of the floor and not just force threes all game
swagger234 14 天 前
As a Mavs fan, I was thrilled we were able to also get that 7'3" Latvian dude as a throw in when we gave up 2 first round picks in the Tim Hardaway Jr. trade :)
champagnepapi 12 天 前
BF Wangs
BF Wangs 14 天 前
To think knicks traded him porzingus and burke (who are balling for mavs) for a 4 piece chicken nugget meal that they threw out after leaving it outside the fridge overnight but oh well knicks are doing good rn
S01idB1itzKR 14 天 前
One of the most dangerous players when he explodes. Tim Hardaway Jr!!!
Kristopher Chuck Ceniza
Kristopher Chuck Ceniza 14 天 前
Tim Hardaway Jr. is cut from the same cloth as Nick Young, JR Smith, Michael Beasley, Dion Waiters, Brandon Jennings, Austin Rivers, and all those other guys who supposedly have the skills and the talent to maybe become all-stars but have never been consistent enough to make the team.
Kha'len McCoy
Kha'len McCoy 14 天 前
And then Kevin porter scored 50. What is going on with this league??
rapideye 14 天 前
yo, boban got blocked. damn.
J D 15 天 前
Pls come back to NY 😭
Tommaso Rossetti
Tommaso Rossetti 15 天 前
Che ci combina Capoquadro
Martino Mattuzzi
Martino Mattuzzi 11 天 前
Primo possesso, primo pallone toccato, tramm, indirizzato a canestro
Tyler Hiddema
Tyler Hiddema 15 天 前
Only took him 36 mins. Hit the switch kid
Tyler Hiddema
Tyler Hiddema 15 天 前
Go Wolverines
TwitchandAsh 15 天 前
I like Tim as a player but let’s not get overhyped he went against a completely decimated Pistons team who didn’t have half their starters tonight.
EightyEight 15 天 前
Ngl as a Knicks fan, kind of miss seeing him play for us.
Matuscara ت
Matuscara ت 14 天 前
@Boshi X fax is outdated
Boshi X
Boshi X 14 天 前
Fax, remember that time he got jumped over by Giannis...... memories
Ryan 15 天 前
Smooth scorer, can explode at any time
kukuCal.6 15 天 前
Tim tiMmy!
roclaren 15 天 前
he is the definition of inconsistency on fantasy
D D 15 天 前
Mr laybackVevo
Mr laybackVevo 15 天 前
Everyone had a monster game today
Vladymer Mendoza
Vladymer Mendoza 15 天 前
Glad he's on my fantasy team hahah
Arshiya Azmi
Arshiya Azmi 15 天 前
Kevin porter jr had 50 lol
Kyler Johnson
Kyler Johnson 15 天 前
His dad took over
Arjay Magboo
Arjay Magboo 15 天 前
And Kd scored 42points too. Crazy!
jiro viginia
jiro viginia 15 天 前
Pag buenas ang isa sa lima .. yun ang patirahin ng patirahin ..
Drizzy NBA
Drizzy NBA 15 天 前
Yes THJ!
Kuro Lee
Kuro Lee 15 天 前
We coming for you Lakers!
Real1 '83
Real1 '83 15 天 前
I still don't know why he ain't perfect his dad crossover, with that he would be nice.
andrew naranjo
andrew naranjo 15 天 前
@Brandon Ritchey the crossover wouldn’t work for him as well as his dad. Height makes a difference and his dad was 6’0. Hardaway Jr. is 6’5. That changes everything
Brandon Ritchey
Brandon Ritchey 15 天 前
@Cameron Lane You always have ways to prefect your game. If you have someone with the talent of your dads crossover and is able to get good advice on it........why would you not?
Cameron Lane
Cameron Lane 15 天 前
He’s nice rn😂 dude just dropped 42 points.. him and his dad have complete different games
Diego C
Diego C 15 天 前
tim finna be better than his pops
OG Anunoby
OG Anunoby 15 天 前
10 day contract player going off
Ryan 15 天 前
Jack Frye
Jack Frye 15 天 前
You are obviously not a Mavericks fan...
Kenyon Martin Jr.
Kenyon Martin Jr. 15 天 前
On 13 fgm that’s tough !!
Gab Ramos
Gab Ramos 15 天 前
To me top 2 best dad and son in nba is hardaway and hardaway jr behinds steph and dell
WOWimTim 15 天 前
6th man of the year right here
Dr. Manhattan
Dr. Manhattan 15 天 前
Stop posting the field goals just put the points😂
Sonny Pastrana
Sonny Pastrana 15 天 前
man future allstar 🙌
Ralph Pangan
Ralph Pangan 15 天 前
This man is gonna cost me my semi-finals matchup this week in my fantasy league...
Niss 0
Niss 0 15 天 前
Streakiest player in the league but when he catches fire watch out
Mia Lopez
Mia Lopez 15 天 前
THJ is underrated
champagnepapi 15 天 前
@Precisism Pretty inconsistent? More like he's consistently inconsistent lol. Watch full games, check his stats and you'll see
Rational Thought
Rational Thought 15 天 前
@Precisism I like him, but he's not underrated.
Precisism 15 天 前
@Rational Thought 15-16 ppg shooting on about 38% from three, and providing explosive scoring potential and spacing? Sounds pretty good to me. I do agree, he’s pretty inconsistent though.
Rational Thought
Rational Thought 15 天 前
I don't think so. He can really hot, but when he's cold, he's almost unplayable.
The Fun -_-guy
The Fun -_-guy 15 天 前
Dayuuuuuuuummm not only did Durant score 42 but, Timmy jr as well
its munkay
its munkay 14 天 前
On the same day
C C 15 天 前
Wiggity Wop
Wiggity Wop 15 天 前
Tim’s scoring the EASY-WAY Get it? Because his name’s hardaway? ... I’ll see myself out
its munkay
its munkay 14 天 前
@Wiggity Wop i outsmarted your outsmarting
its munkay
its munkay 14 天 前
@Wiggity Wop the thing was i wanted to reply then delete the comments so no one will understand what your talking about
Wiggity Wop
Wiggity Wop 14 天 前
@its munkay see, this is why I need to explain my jokes, through all that you never figured out I was kidding 😂
Wiggity Wop
Wiggity Wop 14 天 前
@its munkay if you don’t mind could you give me a couple other pointers on how to be funny?
Wiggity Wop
Wiggity Wop 14 天 前
@its munkay thanks, love the support
Lit 15 天 前
Damn Tim u didn’t have to do them like that.
Edmar Jason Lorzano
Edmar Jason Lorzano 15 天 前
What happen to luka?
Edmar Jason Lorzano
Edmar Jason Lorzano 15 天 前
I thought he had 13 3fgm hahahah
Michael Jordan Best Player Ever.
Michael Jordan Best Player Ever. 15 天 前
Kinda overrated Kevin Porter Jr Has 41 against the Bucks rn lol.
Ryan 15 天 前
The rockets also have 16 wins
No Pasta
No Pasta 15 天 前
Ok?Do we care
lightningmohawk 2006
lightningmohawk 2006 15 天 前
Better then his dad
Kevin DurGoat
Kevin DurGoat 15 天 前
I thought Luka was carrying a trash team, lol.
ʞlocʞs 15 天 前
The Mavs are a bad team without Luka...but the Pistons are awful lol
Kevin DurGoat
Kevin DurGoat 15 天 前
@krakenz playz fr
krakenz playz
krakenz playz 15 天 前
Luka Goatcic
Luka Goatcic 15 天 前
I hope my Mavs keep him, he’s one of the most underrated players in the league
CiCLoDoL 14 天 前
also, one of the most inconsistent
Redstone Creator
Redstone Creator 15 天 前
UniqueCards 15 天 前
everyone having a career high of 42 points now
out her space 2.0
out her space 2.0 14 天 前
You don't know what 42 means
Matuscara ت
Matuscara ت 14 天 前
42 is the answer, dude
Ahmet Koçer
Ahmet Koçer 15 天 前
Because 42 is the answer to life, the universe, and everything. :) (The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Douglas Adams)
Andres Del Portillo
Andres Del Portillo 15 天 前
Magnetic rims
Stephen Curry
Stephen Curry 15 天 前
*He's a little inconsistent, but when he gets going, he's amazing!*
Ryan VIncenec
Ryan VIncenec 15 天 前
Facts. Streaky but he plays hard every night
Too bad the Knicks didn’t realize that
Redstone Creator
Redstone Creator 15 天 前
krakenz playz
krakenz playz 15 天 前
hardway dude
Eric Cunha
Eric Cunha 15 天 前
You know something a take it back, old Reece still got it cracking!
Splashout 15 天 前
So unexpected lol
UniqueCards 15 天 前
i’ve never been this early
Kevin DurGoat
Kevin DurGoat 15 天 前
You were first
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