Russ Posts MONSTER Triple-Double Tying FRANCHISE-RECORD 24 AST! 🔥

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12 天 前

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Randy G
Randy G 6 天 前
😬😬😬 sheesh, those are 2k numbers
Jake Farm
Jake Farm 8 天 前
The last 30 seconds should be anything goes, The only sport that can make half a minute half an hour!
Nestor Guiyaan
Nestor Guiyaan 8 天 前
I like this wizard now
Chartist _12
Chartist _12 8 天 前
Dude is balling out his fucking mind
Flights and Fitness
Flights and Fitness 8 天 前
The real Goat!
bhanu bisht
bhanu bisht 9 天 前
Chef Markoss XIV
Chef Markoss XIV 10 天 前
Yea yes, whatever you got, always give thanks to God 🙏❤️
Jermain Saint
Jermain Saint 10 天 前
Renzo Renzo
Renzo Renzo 10 天 前
I wish russ and beal would have a healthy and big playoff run in at least one of the incoming seasons with this developing young team before their age takes over them. Their skill and talents are elite and I hope we see them in a long and fun playoff run. What a night for Russ, truly amazing
el stupido
el stupido 10 天 前
Russ has been so insane since the All-Star break that he's overshadowed Beal's 30ppg season... thats mf crazy
Young Min Kim
Young Min Kim 10 天 前
Preparation and belief equals greatness good game russ
Kenneth Plays Games
Kenneth Plays Games 10 天 前
This dude is just amazing.
Steven Rosario
Steven Rosario 10 天 前
CurryForMvp 10 天 前
Stat padder
Lincoln Baldwin
Lincoln Baldwin 10 天 前
He is crazy!
Gideon Vincent Goudin
Gideon Vincent Goudin 10 天 前
I remember when I played 2k I made Russ score 35 points with 35 assists and 30 rebounds
Jai Thakur
Jai Thakur 10 天 前
Russ > KD
Cương Nguyễn Lê
Cương Nguyễn Lê 10 天 前
Westbrook always on 200% energy on every game but someone still hate him ?? Wtf
Jason Placeres
Jason Placeres 10 天 前
triple double machine
roderick seroma
roderick seroma 10 天 前
idol westbrook
Eric Johnson
Eric Johnson 10 天 前
This man in incredible. We appreciate you Russ!
Ry Jerson
Ry Jerson 10 天 前
MVP Brodie
when you see it
when you see it 10 天 前
when i say i like rus, moments like THIS is why.
Joshua Tolliver
Joshua Tolliver 10 天 前
Westbrook is just a different breed man. This is greatness we are watching and he's bout to pass the big O for all time triple doubles man. A feat that no one thought that was going to be passed till russ shows up. Legendary man
G Karninja
G Karninja 10 天 前
i hope this man gets on a winning team
G Karninja
G Karninja 6 天 前
@Kenneth Plays Games only 7th through 10 but yeah. It should only be 8 through 10, i dont know why 7th seeds are involved.
Kenneth Plays Games
Kenneth Plays Games 6 天 前
Just found out 6th to 10th seed is in playins, not just 9th to 10th
Kenneth Plays Games
Kenneth Plays Games 10 天 前
The wizards might slide into an 8th seed but probably playins
The Video Game Archeologist
The Video Game Archeologist 10 天 前
Russ just did something that Wilt didn't do, which is get multiple 20+ assist and 20+ rebound in the same game.
Eric Ong
Eric Ong 10 天 前
He’s good, but all to stat padding
Jerson Leynes
Jerson Leynes 10 天 前
What an Unselfish play, l0ve watching NBA becauz of Russ & Drose. First to see them playin In Team USA.
Charina Shaine Sillano
Charina Shaine Sillano 10 天 前
Holy Molly! That's how washed Russ looks like, no?
philclooth 10 天 前
the stumble and the smile... gotta love the guy. #whynot
whobitmyname 10 天 前
What I love most about Russ is nobody in the NBA can expose fair-weather sports media like he does, without doing anything extra. One day he's the worst, the next he's the best. Pretty damn annoying.
reen gars
reen gars 10 天 前
Let’s see what the haters have to say about this
jbautz Bautista
jbautz Bautista 10 天 前
Aanhin mo ang triple double kong wla kna mn ng champion ring
rex moldez
rex moldez 10 天 前
Elisha Agyeman
Elisha Agyeman 10 天 前
Ryan Stephenson
Ryan Stephenson 10 天 前
Man its sad 😥imagine if he played like this when he was wit kd 😪😔
Jong Clips
Jong Clips 10 天 前
Y he did not do it while he was in houston lol
Kyle Harrison
Kyle Harrison 10 天 前
Russ doesn't cheat you, he gives what he has. Can't ask for anything more.
Schuyler Savage
Schuyler Savage 10 天 前
You could ask for him to give the effort he gives to every single of the area that has a stat to being a lockdown defensive player...just saying. So many other players don’t play much D either. But it’s just annoying when people say he always plays hard when the one area that simply playing hard the most is where he bypasses. Dude won DPOY in college. But he wasn’t an offensive player much back then. 12 ppg. I’m not sure why he doesn’t play harder D all of the time, maybe get a few all-defense teams, because he is so competitive you would think he would want to shut down more of his opponents
Levar Lewis
Levar Lewis 10 天 前
Unanamus most valuable player
uncle vince
uncle vince 10 天 前
Respect his greatness
Федор Рафаэльян
Федор Рафаэльян 10 天 前
Richard Carabio
Richard Carabio 10 天 前
triple double king westbrook
Arnold K
Arnold K 10 天 前
Westbrook does things you can barely do on a video game! That pass to Beal at the baseline! cmon
Skeptical Cadence
Skeptical Cadence 10 天 前
can someone just get 31 assists already
Vic 10 天 前
Holy shit I always find Triple double more impressive if there is more Assists or Rebounds than points
Antonis Doumas
Antonis Doumas 10 天 前
That's elite
Raymond Felix
Raymond Felix 10 天 前
only Drose and Russ has the same intensity..
uncle drew
uncle drew 10 天 前
I love the way he always mention the man from above unlike other players who does illuminatti sign before the game lol
[4B03]FUNG CHEUK LAP [4B03]馮卓立
[4B03]FUNG CHEUK LAP [4B03]馮卓立 10 天 前
Uri Knight
Uri Knight 10 天 前
he is playing in a mvp level right now! he looks happier than ever in washington, hope the wizards will make it for the playoffs, would be amazing for the nba
GBN - Nv Gee
GBN - Nv Gee 10 天 前
Wizard fans love Westbrook now huh after all the shit talk this man is a walking triple double
Kinshasa PR.
Kinshasa PR. 10 天 前
MJ said it best, he's the only guy that competes at as high a level as MJ himself. He doesn't take nights off and pushes a pace that's hard to keep up with.
Joshua Tolliver
Joshua Tolliver 10 天 前
That's a fact and the fact that MJ said that, that's huge props for russ from the goat himself
markjun delosreyes
markjun delosreyes 10 天 前
idol, keep it up.. You are the best player ive ever seen 🏀😍👏👏👏
Ernesto Escosar
Ernesto Escosar 10 天 前
😲😲😲😲 wow amazing.
Canal Tudo Eclético
Canal Tudo Eclético 10 天 前
Russ is a monster
DJ X-Bax
DJ X-Bax 10 天 前
In Russ I trust🔥
Storm 10 天 前
I respect his numbers but I still wouldn’t put him over iverson, kyrie or Derrick Rose.
Kenneth Plays Games
Kenneth Plays Games 10 天 前
Derrick Rose has had a better career than Russell Westbrook? Derrick Rose was a superstar for 2 years, Which is more like 1 and a half. Westbrook has been a superstar since at least 2015. Even when Rose was at a superstar level any superstar version of Westbrook is at least around the level of prime Derrick.
Alexis Cando
Alexis Cando 10 天 前
I don't know but I think Russ is better than Kyrie... Remember, Kyrie's last playoff performance... That choking is much more worst than any of Russ playoff performance and yet people would want to bury 2019 Kyrie in their minds like it never existed... They only remember 2016 Kyrie but if it really wasn't for LeBron, he would have been with the same amount of rings as Russ have
Grace babaran
Grace babaran 10 天 前
he should score more for another 20 20 20
Mamba Black
Mamba Black 10 天 前
If the wizards had gafford from the beginning, and if they were winning like this from the beginning, I think Russ would have been top 3 MVP voting..
Tiffany Russell
Tiffany Russell 10 天 前
That man energy is off the charts💯❤️
Lylo 10 天 前
Dude this is nothing compared to my MyPlayer on 2k
Chrollo Triskelion
Chrollo Triskelion 10 天 前
great talent triple double king.. ring or without ring.. i salute to youre talent russ..
William Smith II
William Smith II 10 天 前
On🔥🔥🔥 !!for this video to have 12 dislikes is blasphemy!!! you don’t like basketball 🏀 watch a different sport HATERS!!!!
Peter Jr. Almedilla
Peter Jr. Almedilla 10 天 前
This is crazy🤔 Wow Amazing Statline .Westbrook is a true TRIPLE DOUBLE MACHINE
Lerussel TV
Lerussel TV 10 天 前
a ring should elevate his greatness
Y B 10 天 前
(goat convo alongside O)
DJ Johnson
DJ Johnson 10 天 前
My boy was playing with a torn quad at the beginning of the season and had people thinking that John Wall was even remotely close to being on his level. Now that he's healthy he's showing that John Wall is a Sam's Club version of Russ. Generational talent.... his 4th season of averaging a triple double. Playing amazing basketball right now and he's taking less shots at the veteran role. Give my guy his flowers.💐💐💐
DJ Johnson
DJ Johnson 10 天 前
@Schuyler Savage I'm never reading that. Ever. But if its something to the point to where Wall is anywhere near close to Russ, I dont wanna hear it. Wall's best year was Russ' MVP year. The next 3 years after that we said Russ was on a "decline" and he was still better. Idk what your response said but if its Wall over Russ and any point in their career.... never lol.
Schuyler Savage
Schuyler Savage 10 天 前
And Wall is only 40 games back from a torn achillies and had a hamstring strain, an ankle sprain, knee fluid and thigh contusion this year... The Rockets also had their desired starting lineup play together games? Due to Covid/injuries/Harden+Victor trades. Russ is 1,000,000 better healthy than Wall was injured. But don’t forget, Wall led the wizards to at least game 6 of the second round 3 times with zero all stars on his team, zero award winners at all. Many in the organization have said that this is the best team they have had ArOuNd their backcourt. Russ is a better individual talent than Wall...and I get you are just responding to the people from earlier this year...but it goes both ways. Russ looked terrible cuz he was hurt and was with a new team...Wall not only was coming back from 2 years away and with a new team...but as the season went along he got banged up more and more and the Rockets legit didn’t get any chance whatsoever to learn how to play best with each other. John Wall is the 2nd longest tenured Rocket and he got there 2 weeks before the season. Rookie head coach. Harden it’s crazy. Don’t do to Wall what people did to Russ earlier this year. Wall also has his own statistical records but they aren’t as round or simple as Russ’. For example, Wall led the wiz to a record 4 consecutive game 1 wins. Wall broke Jordans record for most consecutive 20P+ 7A+ playoff games. Wall only player ever with 27 p and 10 a average across multiple playoff series in the same year. Wall, Mj and Bron only players with 40+ and 8+ in a road victory game 6/7. Wall hit the only “miss and you home go” shot since Ray Allen. Wall owns the only 1800p 800a 150s 50b seaosn in nba history. Wall also holds the only 19.4 p 9.6a 1.4s 1.1b season in NbA history. Wall is 3rd all time in PG blocks and averages more per game than both #s 1 and 2. He was one of the fastest players ever to 10k and 5k dimes. And the best one, according to a 2019 espn study, Wall has won more with less help than any 5+ time all star in NBA history, grading “help” in terms of accolades for teammates and coaches and etc. Russ is the better player. It’s just too bad that everything Wall has ever done has basically been ignored. And then of course he is the scapegoat for all issues lol. Like seriously..have you heard anyone in the media or anywhere point out what the wizards were pre and post Wall?? Leads them to their 3 best seasons in 30 years and gets NO love for it lol? For some context, Chris Paul hadn’t been further in his career until joining Harden yet...Paul’s career was a great success! So many players..not MvP guys but like all-NBA guys, unless they were on mega teams they were never blamed for not making the playoffs or ever advancing...or if they had like one good playoff series it was enough...well it was never enough for Wall. It’s clear tho, the league and media was on his case the moment he entered the league. Apparently the league talked to the wizards a few times about the gang signs on the court. I have other info but basically I just think the media and nba don’t want to promote Wall and never did. That sounds silly to say now that he’s been down and out, but here’s a quick example: KD comes back from achillies, scored 22. Huge media all the next day! Wall comes back and scores 22/9/6 and then 28/6/4/3/2 in his first 2 games back after 730 days off, Rockets go 2-0 after starting 0-2 while he sat out. ZERO. And I mean legit ZERO National media coverage from the main shows. Zero. And when the Rockets won their first 6 games that Wall played post-Harden? lol the jump did a little segment about their winning streak. And I’m not even joking..they were showing highlights of every single player except Wall. Lol. I don’t give a fuck if you read this or not, it’s more of just a response in case anyone reads what you wrote, I always like to put some of the details out in the world instead of just generalized slander
Duff Man187
Duff Man187 10 天 前
Lmaooo yooooo all da Center' in the NBA should be ashamed 20+ REB?!?!
Sam Lee
Sam Lee 10 天 前
He's getting better beyond the numbers (and that's saying a lot, given his monster numbers). Oh, and also numbers don't lie.
The Wanderer
The Wanderer 10 天 前
haha. life imitates art. this is the russ i modified in nba 2k21 myleague. i traded for him then changed his old stupid tendencies and some fundamental attributes. no hero ball. no pull up in transition. slash more. pass more. hustle more especially rebounds. higher shot iq. little to no threes. we actually won the championship.
Manne Di
Manne Di 10 天 前
He needs to continue this maturity of his and cut back those dumb plays that he usually does.
Radu Osraldescu
Radu Osraldescu 10 天 前
*Russ is a very inspiring athlete*
Chou Tzuyu
Chou Tzuyu 10 天 前
Even if Russ scores 0 pts., 0 reb., and 0 ast in the next 7 games, Russ will still be averaging a triple double.
Papoh Urzua
Papoh Urzua 10 天 前
Is everyone on defense playing blindfolded ?
Mr Ok
Mr Ok 10 天 前
This man is built differently
Zedrhyx 10 天 前
He got more rebound than those big guys he made jockic a joke
Joalcas Payne
Joalcas Payne 10 天 前
2k stats, that's westbrook made💪
Drake Murphy
Drake Murphy 10 天 前
these are legit some god damn good highlights holy sh**
melvin barnett
melvin barnett 10 天 前
No matter what is said about him overrate him underrate him disrespect, him Russ is inevitable.
Endless_Waltz 10 天 前
Westbrook is mastering the game right before our eyes
Master Roshi
Master Roshi 10 天 前
And they say he a ball hog smh
Jason 10 天 前
And somehow he's underrated
Daniel Harper
Daniel Harper 10 天 前
Not underrated overhated
GG WP 11 天 前
Excuse me haters but this game resulted in a win
Inexpugnabilis 11 天 前
I bet of Russ would play for a contender, he easily would become his ring. Amazing what he‘s done so far with the Wizards. Ppl been sleeping on him the last few years
BeatsCentral 11 天 前
wtaf that's crazy
Buying Stuff
Buying Stuff 11 天 前
3:01...begging to get that assist, LOL. He is counting every single stat.
jk dc
jk dc 10 天 前
that's the right play u casual
Buying Stuff
Buying Stuff 11 天 前
Imagine if Lebron James went out to get a triple-double every night.
Rob Madden Made It
Rob Madden Made It 11 天 前
Russ is unreal man.
vije tv determine
vije tv determine 11 天 前
Nice idol russell westbrook
Warren Lavila
Warren Lavila 11 天 前
Respeto ky russel westbrook..astig.
Sarfaraz Hussain
Sarfaraz Hussain 11 天 前
what is pacers relation with westbrook? It seems westbrook got monster triple double against pacers twice in a season.
Alexis Cando
Alexis Cando 10 天 前
The Pacers obliterated the Thunder a few games ago... Westbrook must have took that personally and obliterated the Pacers himself
Dennis Dublin
Dennis Dublin 11 天 前
If he wud hav mind like this for every game..he had been a champ long ago..
Niko Bellic
Niko Bellic 11 天 前
Wizards Westbrook is my favorite Westbrook
Paul Dirac
Paul Dirac 11 天 前
0:13 that find tho
a guy from nz
a guy from nz 11 天 前
Hachimura and the wizards have been so much better since they got rid of Wagner
a guy from nz
a guy from nz 11 天 前
Throwback to people calling him washed 3 months ago
John Perez
John Perez 11 天 前
Westbrook needs a ring 💍 before he retires
Nelson Bautista Jr.
Nelson Bautista Jr. 11 天 前
Westbrook is not human..i love his playing style..
Daniel Djurov
Daniel Djurov 11 天 前
Daniel Djurov
Daniel Djurov 11 天 前
Still people hate on him
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