Kevin Durant TIES SEASON-HIGH 42 PTS in the Nets WIN! 🔥

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16 天 前

KD ties a season-high with 42pts along with 10asts in the Nets win
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Facundo Ocampo
Facundo Ocampo 8 天 前
He looks kinda slow on the drive but some how he get on the rime easily, i cant even imagine how that guy looks in rl, slim and tall asf but skilled like a pg
Thee LP
Thee LP 12 天 前
Bra Every Highlight Came From Kd Wtf 🔥 I Never Seen No Shit Like That 😭😭😭🤦🏿‍♂️
Magdalena Peda
Magdalena Peda 12 天 前
WITAM.Bardzo dobra gra,aż miło się ogląda.Brawo.COOL😉😇😃POZDRAWIAM 😇
Duke 85
Duke 85 12 天 前
Dat Boi KD PG County finest
이케이케해서 12 天 前
KD Almighty.
Mário Jorge Caldeira
Mário Jorge Caldeira 12 天 前
Stop for a second and ask yourself if there are five guys like this since Mamba left the game 👉🏽 There aren’t. They tryna find out one, so they inveted one called Lebron which for me is faaaaar away to be as talent as good as KD is. KD is the best in this league. Period.
Avoired Ranger
Avoired Ranger 12 天 前
The problem is that he's become an elite passer and defender, adding these to "best offensive player"
Avoired Ranger
Avoired Ranger 12 天 前
There's nothing else to say about KD
malhotra roger
malhotra roger 13 天 前
Basketball is too easy for Kevin Durant 🏀
Random Person94
Random Person94 13 天 前
Poetry in motion💯🔥
DR Gonzo
DR Gonzo 13 天 前
it would be sad if KD missed half the playoffs because he's very injury prone nowadays
Virtual ABC
Virtual ABC 13 天 前
N B 13 天 前
Yall really going to act like KD was not best player in the NBA before he got hurt? This is just a taste of things to come.
Genetta Williams
Genetta Williams 13 天 前
Kevin Durant is True 2 the Game #ONE NBA Superstar. K.D. mom is #ONE!!!
BASKETBALL 49 13 天 前
Awesome Video
Angelo Sanchez
Angelo Sanchez 13 天 前
KD7 bunaallzz 🙏🙏🙏
tapiwa gumbie
tapiwa gumbie 14 天 前
Everyone says he the best scorer but my man can never score 50points a game even if he tried, his overrated
Dexter Sullen 'TRUTH'
Dexter Sullen 'TRUTH' 14 天 前
Wheres kyrie
Terence Wright
Terence Wright 14 天 前
Slim Reaper is in the building!!
Ming Lau
Ming Lau 14 天 前
Unguardable killer
Eriverto Gonsalez
Eriverto Gonsalez 14 天 前
Michelle Elvy
Michelle Elvy 14 天 前
Best player in the world kd
Josef Don M. Armamento
Josef Don M. Armamento 14 天 前
Long live KD!!🔥🔥
Zawad Khan
Zawad Khan 14 天 前
He too smooth with it
Epignosis Center
Epignosis Center 14 天 前
i feel like KD isn't playing serious ball ,its like he is doing some casual something,he easily gets the numbers in
KD didn't even break a sweat This man is so lethal 😳
Z 14 天 前
isn't the season high like 50 something from curry
Indra Adhyaksa
Indra Adhyaksa 14 天 前
Insecure Lakers fans: Lakers in 4
Veodis Rutherford
Veodis Rutherford 14 天 前
Paul George should get back to the Indiana Pacers as good of an athlete that Paul George is..
mar jase
mar jase 14 天 前
Your talking about a sniper a marksman who is 6.11 with a 7 foot wingspan averaging 28 points per game who can pull up FROM THURTY thats right THURTY in his sleep STEVEN A SMITH VOICE lool
vidz06 14 天 前
Y'all remember that episode of game of thrones when danarys attacked a army buy herself with just one of her dragons and destroyed them. Then one of the guys that survived said " and she has two more" that's how nets opponents felt. The nets have two more dragons. it's hopeless stuck a fork in it.
ZeRo 14 天 前
KD is like an edited NBA 2K character , perfect basketball player!
Melo Beezy
Melo Beezy 14 天 前
We keep forgetting he coming off AQUILLES injury👀
vidz06 14 天 前
Yo I got a question are the nets truly game ready but so comfortable in there ability that there sitting players for the slightest ache and pain? They NEVER go an entire week without a player or players missing. I'm even hearing dinwiddie is coming back this year. I hope this is the case bcuz if these are real injuries that prohibit then the nets are unreliable to go deep.
Conard Elvy
Conard Elvy 14 天 前
Best player on the for.......................
mago97615 14 天 前
Btw stop liking your own comments clown. Kd will never be the 2nd best player of all time. He's not top 3 all time and all the people only compares Jordan to Lebron. So stfu kid, haters like you are a disgrace.
mago97615 14 天 前
@Conard Elvy and you're a LeBron James hater. You biased and you will never admit that LeBron is a superstar and Top2 all time. Stay blind. Your boy Kd joined Curry since he couldn't won anything. Also LBJ broke almost all the records. Where is Kd in this standing? You're hating on a 18 year old man that still have FMVP and can drop 40 + when it really matters? STFU.
Conard Elvy
Conard Elvy 14 天 前
Kd was averaging 30, 7, 6 before all the injuries plus nba protocol. And he doesn't have the ball like lbj who plays more point guard. You're not a real ballplayer just LBJ fan
Conard Elvy
Conard Elvy 14 天 前
It's not even close and lbj is not a better defender than kd. Kd is the only superstar player that guard the next teams best player right now in the NBA.
Conard Elvy
Conard Elvy 14 天 前
Kd is best player on the
Fergus Fung
Fergus Fung 14 天 前
kd is a great player but i feel like the pacers arent playing their best defense cuz there r some plays where kd just strolled at the free throw line, and got the ball for a jumper or a drive to the bucket
Harambe Da Gorilla
Harambe Da Gorilla 14 天 前
On pace for kd best year. Im not gonna say its his best until he performs in the playoffs. Unless he wins a chip this year Ill still take 2016-17
Mark Anthony Serrona
Mark Anthony Serrona 14 天 前
Ok. now let this MONSTER load manage until off season and you're good to go. Nets 2021 NBA champs.
BallOutLin 14 天 前
Got double and triple all night still dropping 40+ double double easy
Gener C. D.
Gener C. D. 14 天 前
Imagine great durant casually dropping 40+ points in a game with only 2 three pointer. Thats our highness 💪
Manveer Ball
Manveer Ball 14 天 前
Kd is fire to watch no joke 🔥 so smooth....
Carl lawrence
Carl lawrence 14 天 前
skip is right KD is the best player in the world.
Putul Putul
Putul Putul 14 天 前
One spencer returners and if everyone is healthy... it's gonna get spooky
Meka Nwoke
Meka Nwoke 14 天 前
Literally the best player in the league!
mago97615 14 天 前
Yes since LeBron out of course
Meka Nwoke
Meka Nwoke 14 天 前
Literally the best player in the league!
mago97615 14 天 前
Yes he is now, until LeBron comes back ( like every year). Same debate
Rodney Unajan
Rodney Unajan 14 天 前
AK Reincarnation
AK Reincarnation 14 天 前
KD and harden here, so kyrie lrving should be trade. Nets does not need Kyrie anymore. Trade Irving can save more money
Okevin Riley
Okevin Riley 14 天 前
Shut the fuck up
Napoleon II Ibarrola
Napoleon II Ibarrola 14 天 前
Oh oh oh M M M
Football&Hoops 14 天 前
Just unstoppable... he is literally a cheatcode😂😂😂😂
Philip X
Philip X 14 天 前
He don't even try
Vishnu G
Vishnu G 14 天 前
Easy Money.
King JuLs
King JuLs 14 天 前
Durantula is da best ever.
เตียบ่อกี้ 14 天 前
ไม่ออกกลางคอเตอร์ 1 2รอบสถิติคงดีกว่านี้เยอะ
Devon Blount
Devon Blount 14 天 前
He is the best player right now
Timo Scherer
Timo Scherer 14 天 前
The guy did not really say "Durant against some nerd", did he? 0:40
Duff Man187
Duff Man187 14 天 前
But if they lose these Nets "fans" say it was minutes restrictions 😂🍻🍺
MIX Vid 14 天 前
Ablai Nurlat
Ablai Nurlat 14 天 前
He got that 42 lookin easy
Fredrik Dahl
Fredrik Dahl 14 天 前
Kd dropping dimes/great passes aswell.😎#️⃣7️⃣#️⃣3️⃣5️⃣ #underratedpasser.
marco 14 天 前
KD is a beast
Zbigniew Wojc
Zbigniew Wojc 14 天 前
How should anyone defend a team with Harden, Irving and Durant?
jocsquash1 14 天 前
Dis man overpowerede
FX 14 天 前
When Bronny James wanted to be like KD rather than Lebum. lol
mago97615 14 天 前
But I rather be LeBron and being in year 18 the best player. You can hate as you want, saying Lebum or some childish thing , LeBron will upset you Again like EVERY YEAR. Aren't you tired?
Nightrain92 14 天 前
Really weird and sensitive dude, but an all time great on the court
Samuel 14 天 前
Respect to his game. Top 1 or top 2 with lebron. But why did he form a superteam twice though 😂😂😂 same with bron
Michu 14 天 前
mago97615 14 天 前
Top 5...Top 2 Jordan and LeBron. TOP 3 to 5 : Curry, Harden, Durant in no order.
Jefe Jefe
Jefe Jefe 14 天 前
เตียบ่อกี้ 14 天 前
best player in nba
mago97615 14 天 前
Yes , now until one other comes from injury. Same discussion every year, same conclusion.
Okju Deux-Neuf
Okju Deux-Neuf 14 天 前
Wakeup Tooturnt
Wakeup Tooturnt 14 天 前
I love that kd is going bald. True sign of 🐐ness
Mr. Yusu
Mr. Yusu 14 天 前
Best player in the World
Aireane Altayo
Aireane Altayo 14 天 前
Triple Double KD
Simon_Hakim 15 天 前
Kevin Durant did great! Nice!
Rossen Filipov Filipov
Rossen Filipov Filipov 15 天 前
At 2:21, we all know whats up :D
SportsTV 15 天 前
Im sure your father (Lebron) is very proud of you KD
Jiggs Loco
Jiggs Loco 15 天 前
He's playing like it's a practice game shit easy
Collens Camitan
Collens Camitan 15 天 前
just happy God mode activaded isn't here
Imagine getting your season high after getting multiple injuries in that same season LMAO 😂 THIS DUDE can score 40 while on the wheelchair man 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️
King Kush
King Kush 15 天 前
When up 15+ they need to conserve his health, every time he drives to the basket I get nervous bc he always plays hard. KD a beast.
N B 13 天 前
@Raw Same people who thought KD would never be the same. They stay scared.
Raw 14 天 前
Y'all weird he has to move while playing basketball 🙄 my boy is good have faith
Cathy BCH
Cathy BCH 14 天 前
Me too. Everytime he crosses over his ankle or knees are stressed out.
シャイニースター 15 天 前
He is back!!!🔥
Jesse Briones
Jesse Briones 15 天 前
Jesse Briones
Jesse Briones 15 天 前
kuhain nio na si zion nets team para may pangilalim kaho
Nhinz Nhodez
Nhinz Nhodez 15 天 前
KD our GOAT! 🐐 🐐 🐐 🐐 🐐 🐐 🐐
Nor Priest
Nor Priest 15 天 前
So who's the most efficient shooters? Curry Harden KD
Gervais Trada
Gervais Trada 15 天 前
3:45 coach tried to send the double team 😭😭
Nor Priest
Nor Priest 15 天 前
If you pick one: KD vs Curry
GreekSneakCollector 15 天 前
Slim reaper is back for good!
rodel tamao
rodel tamao 15 天 前
Brooklyn nets for championship game kd Irving harden
m1ked1dy 15 天 前
Cant wait to see what he can do with big ben guarding him in the playoffs
mar jase
mar jase 14 天 前
Lol big Ben couldn't even stop kyrie from dropping 37
Nigel Museve Museve
Nigel Museve Museve 15 天 前
Nothing bro nothing if you have being following these playoffs for the past 5 years
VF Goditachyyy
VF Goditachyyy 15 天 前
he aint even trying wtf
Mr Hilfiger
Mr Hilfiger 15 天 前
James harden needs to come back
FBN Garage
FBN Garage 15 天 前
Am I tripping or we never see Kyrie, Durant, and Harden in one court?
Parth Shah
Parth Shah 14 天 前
You have but barely
Eldar Hasanbegovic
Eldar Hasanbegovic 15 天 前
When Harden back that be great to watch Durant and Harden be so good
Gabriele Melina
Gabriele Melina 15 天 前
Never seen a 40 points performance that seemed as effortless as it looked today
SADO 15 天 前
No stopping this man
Blair B
Blair B 15 天 前
Bet If he had some waves in his hair,, he woulndt worry bout ppl like mIcheal rapporpoomp.The Durantula is too nice with it man
San Valders
San Valders 15 天 前
Kai Hamasaki
Kai Hamasaki 15 天 前
The Slim reaper
Maurice Williams
Maurice Williams 15 天 前
Skip Bayless going to have field day tomorrow lol
Jonathan Scher
Jonathan Scher 15 天 前
4:18 lol why is harden so unenthusiastic
Rj Mapagmahal
Rj Mapagmahal 15 天 前
"im kevin durant, you know who i am"
Johnny Lawson
Johnny Lawson 15 天 前
He won't make it through the playoffs! He's made out of paper! FACTS
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